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John Lautner

John Lautner (* Juli in Marquette, Michigan; † Oktober in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Architekt. The movie "A Single Man" starring Colin Firth was filmed in Glendale at this midcentury modern house built by architect John Lautner in John Lautner, Goldstein House, LA. Explore Daryen's photos on Flickr. Daryen has uploaded photos to Flickr.

john lautner

John Lautner's sixty years in architecture comprise one of the great unexamined careers of the twentieth century. Rooted in a personal design philosophy that is. John Lautner war ein US-amerikanischer Architekt. John Lautner's Elrod House - my favorite piece of Palm Springs architecture. Explore theorem's photos on Flickr. theorem has uploaded photos to Flickr.

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Elrod House by John Lautner, complete overview and walkthrough

Although some of these elements may seem purely stylistic, Lautner was a true master at adapting his designs according to the site.

These slide open to provide a seamless connection with the semi-circular indoor-outdoor pool, terrace and sweeping views of the mountains and Coachella Valley.

Arthur Elrod, an interior designer, worked with Lautner on the interiors for his residence. The curved triangular roof features a huge crater-like aperture at its centre, opening the interiors up to the sky.

A problematic project for Lautner, the house was destroyed by a fire during construction and the Hopes micromanaged the design, leaving him less than pleased with the outcome.

So while Lautner only created a handful of buildings in Palm Springs his presence is writ large in the desert landscape. For more information visit the Palm Springs Modernism Week website and The John Lautner Foundation website.

As a gift to the membership for our 1-year anniversary, I devised, planned, and got all the pieces in place to host a John Lautner:THE REAL THING Tour of the Sheats Goldstein mega complex.

The first person I contacted, who got on board was James Perry. He was CRUCIAL: without him, it probably would have gone nowhere.

But, as James is The Man, he loved the idea, and we were rolling. Next, I told Chris Carr what was up, got his blessing as representative of the Foundation, and then it was approach Roberta Leighton, the El Supremo of all things Goldstein.

She liked it, and we had a Tour. El Fantastico! The following is the recap of the July 28th tour.

On July 28th, we, the members of John Lautner: THE REAL THING FaceBook Group, were treated to the ultimate one-year anniversary of THE REAL THING on FaceBook: A tour of the magnificent Sheats-Goldstein complex.

There were so many people who wanted to attend, we had to split the plus people into two separate tours of two groups each.

Many others still did not make the cut: we are sorry; we could not accommodate everyone. The house has a ceiling of redwood plywood , kitchen counters of mahogany , and walls and floors of bagac, an African wood.

Lautner lived there for only two years and never built another for himself. One of Lautner's most significant early works, this house embodies many of his central design concerns and includes key features that he would continue to explore and develop throughout his career.

It was also important as the project that united him with builder John de la Vaux. At his wife's suggestion de la Vaux approached Lautner and offered to build the Carling House, and they sealed the deal with a handshake.

As de La Vaux recounted in the Lautner documentary, the project was briefly halted by a rare snowstorm that dumped more than six inches of snow on the Hollywood area.

This design, and the house's hillside situation, combine to afford degree views across Los Angeles. This is an idea he revisited with the Turner Residence in Aspen.

There is also a swimming pool that partly intrudes into the living area under a sheet of plate glass, a feature that he revisited to even greater effect in the Elrod House.

The Carling House has become one Lautner's most celebrated designs and marked the beginning of his fruitful collaboration with de la Vaux, which lasted through seven major projects, including the famous "Chemosphere".

Although best known for his residential commissions, Lautner was also an important contributor to the commercial genre known as Googie architecture.

Alan Hess , author of Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture records Lautner's contributions to a new car-oriented architecture developing in Southern California by architects such as Lloyd Wright and Wayne McAllister from the s on; Lautner's Coffee Dans, Henry's, and Googies defined an architectural approach to scale, signage, and commercial interior spaces.

The term "Googie architecture" was coined in by noted "House and Home" editor Douglas Haskell after he spotted the Lautner-designed Googie's Coffee Shop while driving through Hollywood with renowned architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

Haskell used the term in a February House and Home magazine article on the new design style and it stuck, although it soon came to be used as a derogatory term in "serious" architectural circles.

Lautner first defined an architectural solution to the scale, function, and public space of car-oriented suburban architecture in his remodel of Henry's in Glendale in Googie's Coffee Shop, designed in , stood at the corner of Sunset Strip and Crescent Heights, next to the famous Schwab's Pharmacy ; regrettably it was demolished in It was distinctive for its expansive glass walls, arresting angular form, prominent roofline, and exuberant signage oriented to car traffic: an advertisement for itself.

Another key Lautner work in the Googie genre was Henry's Restaurant in Pomona ; its vaulted roof, resembling an inverted boat hull, arched over the interior booths and the large exposed beams made from glue-laminated timber carried through to the exterior, where they supported a slatted awning that shaded the drive-in area.

Googie became part of the American postwar Zeitgeist , but was ridiculed by the established architectural community of the s as superficial and vulgar.

The style was denigrated by East Coast critics and Lautner's reputation suffered; as a result he became wary of talking to the press [42] and it is notable that his UCLA oral history interviews include no references at all to these early projects.

This elegant hillside house was designed and sited to take advantage of the panoramic views of Los Angeles. Lautner's reputation was considerably restored by his groundbreaking design for the Leonard J.

Malin Residence, also known as the " Chemosphere " , which has become one of his best-known and most influential creations. Located at Torreyson Drive, Los Angeles, the house was designed for young aerospace engineer Leonard Malin in and built by John de la Vaux.

The typical way to approach it would have been to bulldoze out a lot and put in foot-high retaining walls to try to hold up the mountain, which is just insane.

Lautner provided access from the driveway up the steep hillside by installing a funicular , which terminates at a short sloping gangway that leads up to the entrance.

The house is octagonal in plan and lozenge-shape in section, and is often described as a "flying saucer".

The massive, radiating glued laminated timber roof bearers and crossbeams, which echo the keel and ribs of a ship hull, were built by de la Vaux using the same type of mortise joints he had used in his boat building.

Fortunately, German publisher Benedikt Taschen purchased the house in and restored it in collaboration with architects Frank Escher and Ravi Gunewardena , earning them an award from the Los Angeles Conservancy.

The Chemosphere is a now a Los Angeles landmark and in a panel of experts commissioned by the Los Angeles Times rated the Chemosphere as one of the "Top 10 houses of all time in L.

As his career developed Lautner increasingly explored the use of concrete and he designed a number of homes for his more affluent clients that featured major structural elements fabricated from reinforced concrete.

A commission by industrialist Kenneth Reiner, [47] the 4, square feet [48] Reiner-Burchill Residence, "Silvertop" —76 , was his first major exploration of the sculptural possibilities of monolithic concrete as it was designed to follow the exact contour of its hilltop site.

The curving living-room window wall is made of five hanging glass panels. Lautner also faced opposition from the Los Angeles building certification authorities, who were dismayed by the radical design of the post-stressed concrete ramp, which cantilevers out from the base of the house without any columns supporting it from beneath, and is only four inches thick.

In the event, Lautner's load calculations proved flawless and in fact the instruments recorded more deflection in the concrete from the change in temperature when the sun went down than they did from the weight of the sandbags loaded onto the ramp to test it.

When it became available through bankruptcy in , Philip and Jacklyn Burchill bought the home. They worked with Lautner to complete the home and moved in Russ Garcia was a critically acclaimed music composer of music for the Walt Disney Co and worked with such talent as Julie London.

Originally slated to have an entirely concrete roof, the City of Los Angeles was too unfamiliar with Lautner's far out designs and would not issue a construction permit for anything other than wood glulam beams.

A modest structure, Lautner's design incorporated the steep slope of the lot located off Mulholland Drive.

A full-scale model of the house was built in Simi Valley to film the scene where Gibson's character famously pulls the entire house down the hill with his pickup truck.

A realtor renamed the it the "Rainbow House" in the '70s, mainly for the colored panes of glass in the living room, and the arched roofline, to help market the house for sale.

The residence had multiple owners between the Garcias and its current owners, Bill Damaschke, an Oscar-nominated movie executive and Broadway producer, and John McIlwee, an entertainment Business Manager purchased the home in , from actor Vincent Gallo.

Arguably the most widely seen of Lautner's works, the Elrod House for Arthur Elrod became famous through its use as a location in the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

The canopy is fitted with curved glass-and-aluminium sliding doors that allow the space to be completely opened around half its circumference, opening out to a semi-circular swimming pool and a broad terrace.

The prime hilltop site offers sweeping views of the surrounding desert. Originally designed in as a planned community of over buildings, storefronts and pools on acres at Desert Hot Springs in the Coachella Valley , near Palm Springs , California.

Lautner's client was the famous movie director Lucien Hubbard , the winner of the very first "Best Picture" Oscar for the silent movie Wings.

After building the first four-unit prototype and pool the project came to a halt and it was subsequently used for Hubbard's stars and starlets as a getaway from Los Angeles; it gradually fell into disuse and sat vacant for almost 20 yrs.

After Hubbard's death in the acres were subdivided and sold off; the pool property burnt down and was bought by the neighboring golf course to be rebuilt in a different design as their club house.

The prototype units were purchased by a buyer from San Diego but they sat empty for another nine years until an interior designer renovated them and put in kitchens and baths, although at some point the kitchens and baths were destroyed and removed.

This owner kept the property for almost twenty years until the year , renting out the rooms as apartments.

It was then sold to Steve Lowe, who briefly ran it as the Lautner Motel. Cities Atlanta Austin Boston.

Chicago Detroit Los Angeles. New York San Francisco Archive. Real Estate Market Reports Rental Market Reports Homelessness. John Lautner.

John Lautner house up for rent in Beachwood Canyon The midcentury modern has been restored "with the guidance" of Lautner associate Helena Arahuete.

By Pauline O'Connor March 5, See these modernist gems in next month's MAK tour Siip on a pair of those sexy blue booties!

John Lautner was one of the most important American architects of the twentieth century, and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. His career spanned fifty-five years and left an indelible mark on the built environment of Southern California. Lautner was born in and raised in Marquette, Michigan. John Lautner, was one of the most influential architects from the Mid-century modern period. Some of his projects became architecture and pop icons as the Goldstein Residence, the Chemosphere and the Elrod House: which well represent his design process described by Lautner as “a total involvement.”. The John Lautner Foundation: enter. JOHN EDWARD LAUTNER, JR., FAIA () Lautner was born in Marquette MI of academic parents at a local college now called Northern Michigan University. He first attended the University of Michigan but left soon after starting. A John Lautner Beach House in Malibu Is Revitalized With an assist from interior designer Waldo Fernandez and architect Michael Kovac, business dynamo Jamie McCourt breathes new life into a. John Lautner war ein US-amerikanischer Architekt. John Lautner (* Juli in Marquette, Michigan; † Oktober in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Architekt. The movie "A Single Man" starring Colin Firth was filmed in Glendale at this midcentury modern house built by architect John Lautner in Sheats-Goldstein Residence By John Lautner: A 's Modernist Masterpiece. One of my absolute favorite homes designed by one of my absolute favorite. The project architect was Kay M. Download as PDF Printable version. BNF : cbx data GND : ISNI : LCCN : n NKC : Kompatibilitätsmodus Windows 10 NTA : RKD : SNAC : w6q60k47 SUDOC Nürnberger Sommertage ULAN : VIAF : WorldCat Identities : lccn-n The home was built for Hope and his wife Dolores in 2/23/ · American architect John Lautner's gravity-defying residential projects have probably appeared in more movies than the work of any other architect. The Sheats-Goldstein residence, the UFO-like Malin House and the Elrod Residence are just a few of his greatest hits. Here we explore his influence on the making of modernist mecca Palm SpringsAuthor: Bethan Ryder. 85 rows · Name City Address Year Status; John Lautner House: Los Angeles: . 6/29/ · John Lautner, was one of the most influential architects from the Mid-century modern of his projects became architecture and pop icons as the Goldstein Residence, the Chemosphere and the Elrod House: which well represent his design process described by Lautner as “a total involvement.”.

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Candida Höfer Fotografie Klasse Prof. Frank Lloyd Wright's Sturges House in Brentwood to Be Auctioned For Charity Next Month By paulineoconnor January 11, The Lautners designed and built the cabin themselves and his mother designed and painted all the interior details, based on her study of Norse houses. He John Lautner also engaged to supervise the Mauer house when the Mauers dismissed Wright for failing to deliver the working drawings in Revenge Body Stream. By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Billy Idol style! John Lautner Netflix Mittelalter Serie over architectural projects during his career, but Styling Tipps designs for larger buildings were never realised. His intent was to replicate the effect of light penetrating a jungle canopy. So I really learned that Der Wolfsmensch have to have a major total idea or it's nothing, you know; it's just an assembly. Many critics of Lautner criticize the scalelessness of this house and the lack of control of his spaces. Teeniefilme 2014 Commons has media related to John Lautner. After many years of Sportserien illness, Elizabeth Lautner died in ; in Lautner married her caretaker, Francesca.

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Zahlreiche Auszeichnungen belegen seine Reputation als Erzberg 2021, oft unterschätzter Vertreter der Space-Age-Architektur.
John Lautner Tropical House Design. Lautner jr. Stephanie Kloss Werkinfo.


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