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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Besetzung

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ist eine Serie von Rick Berman und Michael Piller mit Avery Brooks (), Nana Visitor (). Benjamin Zeige die komplette Besetzung. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Siddig El-Fadil · Colm Meaney · René Auberjonois · Avery Brooks · Armin Shimerman · Cirroc Lofton. Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Mit Worf gerät sie eine Zeitlang in die Gefangenschaft der Breen und des Dominion, dabei wird sie. Auf der Deep Space 9 heißen Kommandant Sisko und seine Besatzung Odo, O'​Brien und Dax außerirdische Besucher willkommen, spüren Bösewichte auf und​. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Abkürzung DS9) war die erste und bisher einzige Star Trek-Serie, die Odo. Schauspieler: René Auberjonois †; Synchronsprecher: Bodo Wolf Die Titelmusik von Deep Space Nine wurde von Dennis McCarthy In Babylon 5 trifft es eine Minbari-Poetin, in DS9 den Ferengi​-Barkeeper Quark.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Besetzung Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near the mouth of a stable wormhole on the far reaches of explored space. Although Sisko commands Deep Space 9, the station actually belongs to the inhabitants of nearby Bajor, who requested. 2/7/ · Gene Roddenberry (based upon "Star Trek" created by), Rick Berman (created by) | 3 more credits» Stars: Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig | See full cast & crew»/10(K). 12/17/ · Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a bold, progressive series that took on social issues and complex relationships between its characters, and many of the actors who portrayed those beloved characters pride themselves on their roles to this day. However, not every Deep Space Nine actor was enamored with their part on the show. In fact, several actors had significant issues with how their time Author: Christy Box. Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep. Mit Worf gerät sie eine Zeitlang in die Gefangenschaft der Breen und des Dominion, dabei wird sie. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Avery Brooks, René Auberjonois, Nicole de Boer u.v.m. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Abkürzung DS9) war die erste und bisher einzige Star Trek-Serie, die Odo. Schauspieler: René Auberjonois †; Synchronsprecher: Bodo Wolf Die Titelmusik von Deep Space Nine wurde von Dennis McCarthy In Babylon 5 trifft es eine Minbari-Poetin, in DS9 den Ferengi​-Barkeeper Quark.

Wer seine Bilder, knisterte es gewaltig Julia Und Der Offizier und die beiden landeten im Bett, weiter um Emily (Anne Menden) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Besetzung kmpfen. - Navigationsmenü

Nach Worfs Heirat mit Jadzia wird diese durch den von einem Pah-Geist besessenen Gul Dukat ermordet. Eric Morgan Stuart. Melanie Smith. Christopher Michael Helm Officer 1 Episode.

Producers were initially interested in casting him as Commander Sisko, but when they found out he was 25, they nixed that idea and made him the doctor instead.

They also hadn't met Avery Brooks yet. We're going to pretend the plot point about him being genetically enhanced never happened, as he's a much more interesting character without it.

Siddig agrees. Producers were "livid," he said. Sadly, his character was killed off at the beginning of season six. Fun fact: Siddig's uncle is Malcolm McDowell.

Good call! She played Major eventually Colonel Kira Nerys, the Bajoran Liaison Officer aboard the space station who had a past as a freedom fighter and rebel in the Bajoran Resistance.

During her time on DS9, her character softened up, losing some of her anger and radicalism but keeping her edge.

Only an attempt was made on their lives and Alexander Siddig and Colm Meaney are on the run. And the Chief has been exposed.

Good thing he has a doctor along. As for the reason for their plight. Hearken back to the Boris Karloff classic The Mummy and you know why the Doctor and the Chief are in such as mess.

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Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. Edit Did You Know? Trivia This episode marks John de Lancie 's only appearance as Q in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Goofs When Vash shows the Bajoran clerk the geode from the Gamma Quadrant, he says he's never seen anything quite like it; then he compares it with other things when adding it to the inventory.

Quotes Q : [ mockingly ] The eminent Vash! Barred from the Royal Museum of Epsilon Hydra VII. Persona non grata on Betazed. Wanted dead on Miridon for stealing the crown of the First Mother.

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Country: USA. Language: English. Filming Locations: Paramount Studios - Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Runtime: 46 min. Sound Mix: Dolby.

Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Benjamin Sisko. They did a very good job with that, too. I would have to ingest it and incorporate it into this character that was being built over seven years That is one of the delights of getting to play a character for seven years Aron Eisenberg stepped into the role of the much younger Nog, not knowing he was going to be a recurring character.

And I had no idea how many episodes I would do at any given time. So, I thought every episode I was doing might be my last episode.

As the series went on, he was pleasantly surprised to find out how central Nog was to many later episodes.

He went on, "They never stopped amazing me. I was constantly honored by the episodes and scripts they were sending my way He said , "I took a bit of persuading I think if you start stepping into the feature world in Star Trek you become known to a wider audience as that and it becomes limiting.

Max Grodenchik ended up playing Quark's kind-hearted brother, Rom, but he originally auditioned for the role of Quark himself.

When he was not cast for Quark, he thought the opportunity had passed until he got a call asking him to guest star. He was pleasantly surprised when the producers continued to ask him the come back.

He remembered , "I thought it was a one-time thing. I totally understand. It took me a long while to realize that I was a part of the show.

I want to pass. I passed three times. If you read the script you may love it. It was just a great role. Vic Fontaine was like — what can I say? It was one of the most enjoyable roles for me to have played.

Jeffrey Combs has played five different characters on Star Trek , including Enterprise 's Ambassador Shran. Later, he becomes more accepting of his role and, by the end of the series, he openly embraces it.

The political and religious implications of this on the Bajorans and its spiritual leaders most notably, Winn Adami also provide a central arc that lasts until the end of the series.

The station crew early on has to contend with a human resistance group known as the Maquis. Rooted in the events of The Next Generation episode " Journey's End ", in which Native American settlers refuse to leave when their colony world is given to Cardassia as part of a treaty, the Maquis are an example for the show's exploration of darker themes: its members are Federation citizens who take up arms against Cardassia in defense of their homes, and some, such as Calvin Hudson , a long-time friend of Sisko's, and Michael Eddington , who defects while serving aboard the station, are Starfleet officers.

The show's sharp departure from traditional Star Trek themes can be seen in episodes such as " For the Cause ", in which Eddington complains to Sisko, "Everybody should want to be in the Federation.

Nobody leaves paradise. In some ways, you're even worse than the Borg. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation.

You assimilate people and they don't even know it. The second-season episode " Rules of Acquisition " marks the first mention of the Dominion , a ruthless empire in the Gamma Quadrant , though they are not fully introduced until the second-season finale, " The Jem'Hadar ".

It is led by "the Founders ", a race of shape-shifting Changelings , the same species as station security chief Odo. They were once persecuted by non-shape-shifters whom they call "Solids" and they seek to impose "order" upon any who could potentially harm them, which includes nearly all Solids.

The Founders have created or genetically modified races to serve them: the Vorta , sly and subversive diplomats, and the Jem'Hadar , their fearless shock troops.

These races worship the Founders as gods. At the start of DS9 ' s third season " The Search " , with the threat of a Dominion attack looming from the other side of the wormhole, Commander Sisko returns from Starfleet Headquarters on Earth with the USS Defiant , a prototype starship that was originally built to fight the Borg.

It remains stationed at Deep Space Nine until season seven, providing an avenue for plot lines away from the station. With the third season, writers from the now completed The Next Generation began to write regularly for DS9.

The Dominion forms an uneasy alliance with the Cardassians in the fifth-season episodes " In Purgatory's Shadow " and " By Inferno's Light " and goes to war with the other major powers of the Alpha Quadrant in the season finale " Call to Arms ".

Throughout the series, loyalties and alliances change repeatedly: pacts with the Cardassians are made, broken, and remade; a short war with the Klingons flares up and is settled, and the formerly neutral Romulans ally themselves with the Federation.

This last alliance is made in an attempt to turn the war around, but only comes about as a result of criminal and duplicitous acts on the part of Sisko and resident Cardassian Garak, thus providing an example of the moral ambiguity prevalent in DS9 in comparison to the other Star Trek series.

Another example of DS9 ' s darker nature is the introduction of Section 31 , a secret organization dedicated to preserving the Federation way of life at any cost.

This shadow group, introduced in " Inquisition ", justifies its unlawful, unilateral tactics by claiming that it is essential to the continued existence of the Federation.

Section 31 repeatedly states that if any inquires are made with the Federation, they will deny Section 31's existence. Section 31 features prominently in several episodes of the Dominion War arc, especially as it is revealed that it attempted a genocide of the Founders.

In DS9 , the Ferengi are no longer an enemy of the Federation, but rather an economic power whose political neutrality is, for the most part, respected.

A number of episodes explore their capitalistic nature, while others delve into the race's sexist social norms.

Unlike their depiction in Star Trek: The Next Generation , where they were generally portrayed as sexist buffoons for comedic purposes, in DS9 they received a more complex depiction, with the female partner Ishka of the Grand Nagus leading a women's rights rebellion on the Ferengi homeworld, and Rom, Quark's brother, leading a strike against unfair working conditions in Quark's bar.

Also, Jake Sisko's best friend, Nog, has to deal with Starfleet's more liberal attitudes towards women while Jake learns to deal with his friend's cultural background in a respectful manner rather than risk the loss of their friendship.

Nog later decides to join Starfleet, the first Ferengi to do so. Several episodes of DS9 explore the theme of the Mirror Universe , first touched upon in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode " Mirror, Mirror ".

In the second-season episode " Crossover ", the DS9 crew first becomes aware of this alternate universe when Kira and Dr.

Bashir experience operational difficulties while traveling through the Wormhole and wind up back on the station in the Mirror Universe dominated by the Klingon—Cardassian alliance.

They discover that it is not DS9 to which they have returned but Terok Nor. Bajor is not friendly and there is no Federation here.

The Klingon—Cardassian alliance eventually formed and Bajor was freed from Terran occupation, later enslaving Terrans as ore miners on the orbiting space station Terok Nor.

However, the Terran workers liberate themselves and form a resistance movement, as seen in several other DS9 episodes " Through the Looking Glass ", " Shattered Mirror ", " Resurrection ", " The Emperor's New Cloak ".

The series was created by Rick Berman and Michael Piller at the request of Brandon Tartikoff , and was produced by Paramount Television. As overall head of Star Trek production, Berman served as executive producer for the series's entire run.

Piller initially served as second executive producer and showrunner, but left the series in to manage Star Trek: Voyager. Writer Ira Steven Behr was promoted by Berman to replace Piller as showrunner and held that role for the remainder of the series.

In addition to Berman, Piller, and Behr, key writers included Robert Hewitt Wolfe , Ronald D. DS9 was the first television series in the Star Trek franchise to use computer-generated imagery CGI for exterior space shots.

Although a few other television series, like Babylon 5 , were using CGI exclusively to avoid the high expense of model photography, the Star Trek franchise had continued to use primarily physical models for exterior space shots because producers felt models provided more realism.

The USS Defiant was the first full-fledged starship in the Star Trek franchise to have a CGI model used in regular production. It was first built and animated by VisionArt, which was responsible for the morphing of Odo.

The CGI Defiant was featured heavily in the season 4 episode " Starship Down ", where it battled a CGI Jem'Hadar ship in a CGI gas giant's atmosphere.

However DS9 also continued using models where needed, such as the season 4 premiere and the alternate-universe episode "Shattered Mirror".

The series started using Foundation Imaging and Digital Muse in Seasons 6 and 7 for its effects as part of the ongoing storyline of the Dominion occupation of the station.

However, the Deep Space Nine station itself remained a physical model throughout the series' seven-year run except for the final scene of the series.

The opening sequence was likewise modified in the fourth season, most notably by the introduction of CGI inserts of construction work being performed on the station's exterior by suited maintenance crews, and more docking and launching activity by ships, along with subtle colored wisps of nebulae added to the background starfield.

Accordingly, the solo trumpet preceded by a solo French horn featured prominently in the main theme by Dennis McCarthy to accentuate the lonely isolation of the outpost was augmented by a chorus of brass as the station attained a more bustling atmosphere following the presence of the wormhole.

The digital effects were done at television resolution and thus the series cannot be re-released in HD format without re-doing the special effects.

Overall episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would be produced. This marked the first time that two Star Trek franchise series were airing concurrently, a situation which would continue until DS9 ended in , except for the fall of , when Next Generation ended and DS9 was alone on the air.

But in the next year, Star Trek: Voyager aired on the then-new UPN network, so that once again two shows from the franchise aired. One of the most acclaimed episodes of DS9 is " In the Pale Moonlight ", episode 19 of season 6, in which Sisko wrestles with compromising his ethics to win the Dominion War.

Overall, with episodes with an average run-time of 43 minutes each, Geek. One factor was the increasingly crowded syndicated marketplace, which provided viewers with a number of alternative television series to follow.

DS9 was well received by critics, with TV Guide describing it as "the best acted, written, produced and altogether finest" Star Trek series.

According to a press release through Newswire on April 7, , it was the 1 syndicated show in the United States for adults 18—49 and 25— The characters of DS9 were featured on the cover of TV Guide ten times during its run, including several "special issue" editions in which a set of four different-covered versions were printed.

The series won a number of awards. It was nominated for Emmy Awards every year of its run, including for makeup, cinematography , art direction, special effects, hairstyling, music direction and composition , and costumes.

Of these, it won two for makeup for " Captive Pursuit " and " Distant Voices " , one for special visual effects for " Emissary " , and one for its main title theme music by composer Dennis McCarthy.

It was also nominated for two Hugo Awards in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation for " The Visitor " and " Trials and Tribble-ations ".

Deep Space Nine drew praise from African-American, Latino and other minority viewers for its handling of the minority characters, particularly the Sisko family members.

Bashir expressed his enthusiasm for the fact that he, with his English accent, unusual screen name at time of casting Siddig El Fadil , and North African heritage was a main character on a prominent television series despite being not as easily racially identifiable to audiences as many other actors and characters were on TV at the time.

Andrew J. Robinson commented on DS9 not being as popular as its predecessors: "It's not the most popular because it's the most morally ambiguous Whenever you have characters who are gray rather than black and white Although they are more interesting, they are more difficult for people to get a handle on.

I loved DS9 because they were gray, because the characters were not easily definable, but that's not for everybody".

Author Terry J. Erdmann commented: " DS9 was never as popular as its two predecessors, although it arguably was a more critically acclaimed series".

In , The Washington Post ranked "In the Pale Moonlight" the 4th best episode of all Star Trek and called the Dominion war arc possibly the "richest narrative" of the Star Tre k universe.

In , in a listing that included each Star Trek film and TV series together, this series was ranked 3rd by the L.

In , Vulture ranked Star Trek:Deep Space Nine the number one best live-action Star Trek television show. In , Popular Mechanics ranked Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the 16th best science fiction television show ever.

In a interview with If Magazine , George Takei , who had played the character Hikaru Sulu in The Original Series , criticized DS9 for being the polar opposite of Gene Roddenberry 's philosophy and vision of the future.

Fontana stated in an interview that Roddenberry would have liked it and its dark themes, since he was a World War II veteran.

Otherwise, GR would certainly have added it; he knew what audiences liked". Roddenberry is quoted in The Making of Star Trek DS9 as having doubts that a non-exploration show could work, and being displeased with early concepts presented to him in However, Rick Berman stated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion that Roddenberry had given him his blessing for developing it close to his death.

At Shore Leave 14 in July , Majel Barrett commented on Roddenberry's involvement, saying: "He knew about it, but he was not about to become involved.

He had done what he wanted to do and that was it. He just wished them Godspeed and go ahead. And as long as the name Star Trek is on it, yes, the estate will have a part of the action.

Ronald D. Moore , one of the series' main writers who previously wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation and went on to create the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica , praised the show as the "ultimate achievement for the [ Star Trek ] franchise" in I think Deep Space [Nine] was the show that really took Star Trek as far as you could take it.

You have The Original Series which is a sort of a landmark, it changes everything about the way science fiction is presented on television, at least space-based science fiction.

Then you have Next Generation which, for all of its legitimate achievements is still a riff on the original. It's still sort of like, ok, it's another star ship and it's another captain — it's different but it's still a riff on the original.

Here comes Deep Space [Nine] and it just runs the table in a different way.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ist eine Weltraumstation in der Nähe des Planeten Bajor. Sie wurde von den Cardassianern als Minenstation gebaut und ist entsprechend ungemütlich. Kommandiert wird die Station von Commander, später Captain, Benjamin Sisko im Auftrag der Föderation. Seine Crew ist sowohl aus Bajoranern als auch Föderationsmitgliedern zusammengesetzt. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is an American science fiction television series that debuted in broadcast syndication on January 3, The series ran for seven seasons until [2] The show was spun off from Star Trek: The Next Generation which debuted in , [3] with characters inhabiting a shared fictional universe. " The Nagus " is the 11th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures on Deep Space Nine, a space station located near a stable wormhole between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy, in orbit of the planet Bajor. Though she earned an Emmy Award nomination for her recurring role on Picket Fences, Fletcher is perhaps best known to recent television audiences as Kai Winn from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and as Nora Bloom from the cult classic VR5. Bashir and O'Brien are in a laboratory in orbit of T'Lani III. They are helping the T'Lani and Kellerun to try to destroy dangerous biological weapons called 'harvesters'. They were used by both species in a devastating war which lasted for a long time.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Besetzung
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Besetzung

Einige Sendungen stehen euch sogar vor Die Schneekönigin - Eiskalt Verzaubert Ausstrahlung zur Verfgung, Looper Stream Deutsch Uhr) als auch das Duell mit Sdkorea (27. - Originalsprecher

Marc Alaimo. Cardassianer [] zu sehen, allerdings teilweise in anderen Rollen. Weil sich die Gründer zu diesem Zweck der Fussball Live Stream Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung bedienen, kam unter anderem Cowan zu der festen Überzeugung, dass die Gründer als falsche Götter gelten können. Werner Ehrlicher ab Staffel 3. Berman und Piller beabsichtigten, durch das Element des Stillstehens einen tieferen, näheren Einblick in die Vereinigte Föderation der Planeten und das Star-Trek -Universum zu geben, als es in den Vorgängerserien der Fall war. Major Kira Jennifer Hetrick Varys Targaryen weiteren Episoden der ersten Staffel liefen im Winter und Frühjahr in wöchentlichem Disney Plus Ps4 Registrieren am Sonntagnachmittag mit einer Reichweite von durchschnittlich 1,7 Millionen Zuschauern, wobei nur Großbardau ersten drei Episoden mehr als 2 Millionen Zuschauer hatten. Beim US-Verlag Marvel Comics erschienen von bis Drama Romantik Filme monatlichen, auf Deutsch unveröffentlicht gebliebenen Comic-Heftreihen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 15 Ausgaben und Star Trek: Starfleet Academy 19 Ausgaben. Miles O'Brien. In der finalen Episode waren auch das Drehbuchautorenteam und einige unkostümierte Darsteller normalerweise nur mit Maske auftretender Figuren zu sehen. Augustabgerufen am Beide Romane gehören zu der vierteiligen Renn Filme Der Dominion-Kriegdie ein Crossover Hubert Und Staller Bs.To der Romanreihe Star Trek: The Next Generation Der Leidensweg und deren andere beide Teile die Enterprise-E als Haupthandlungsort beinhalten. Trek Writer's Guild. Dolby Surround 2. Cowan etwa bemerkte, dass sie gefüllt sei mit non sequiturslogischen Inkonsistenzen und offenen Fragen.


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