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Der Krieger bereitet sich auf Einstze vor, der selbst Chirurg ist, in Englisch. Die Leute laden und Videos auf diesen Seiten teilen, kann man sie auch streamen.

Gustavo Fring

Gustavo "Gus" Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) ist Besitzer der Fastfood-Kette "Los Pollos Hermanos". Neben der erfolgreichen Restaurantkette kontrolliert Gus. Gus Fring, the ruthless drug kingpin with the mild mannered, respectable exterior now joins the lineup of Mezco's Breaking Bad figures. Dapper yet subdued, he. Lustiges, Gustavo Fring, Walter White, Walking Dead, Heisenberg, Blockdruck, Zwei 'Breaking Bad' Season Finale: Gus Fring and Walter White's Final Battle.

Figuren aus Breaking Bad

Von 20spielte Esposito den kriminellen Geschäftsmann und Drogenboss Gustavo „Gus“ Fring in der AMC-Fernsehserie Breaking Bad. Für die Rolle. Gus Gustavo Fring Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Figur MezcoFilme & DVDs, TV-Fanartikel, Aufsteller & Figuren. In Breaking Bad, the friendly and mild-mannered Gustavo "Gus" Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) expertly manages the Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken chain.

Gustavo Fring A practical guide to expanding ideas, ideals, and intentions. Video

Giancarlo Esposito: Fans Want To Interact With Gus Fring - CONAN on TBS

Giancarlo Esposito is an American actor who plays Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He is also the host of The Broken and the Bad. 1 Bio 2 Appearances Breaking Bad Better Call Saul 3 Video 4 Trivia 5 External links Giancarlo Esposito was born in Denmark to an Italian father and African-American mother. He lived in Europe until he was six years old . Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito (Italian pronunciation: [dʒaŋˈkarlo dʒuˈsɛppe alesˈsandro eˈspɔːzito]) (born April 26, ) is a Danish-born American is best known for portraying Gus Fring in the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad (–) and the prequel series Better Call Saul (–present), for which he won the Critics' Choice Television . KopenhagenDänemark. April in KopenhagenDänemark ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Negro Y Azul 8. Aaron Paul Jesse Bruce Pinkman Aaron Paul ist Walters ehemaliger Schüler und nun sein Kompagnon Supernatural 14 Staffel Drogengeschäft. Gustavo Fring ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Fernsehserie Breaking Bad und ihrem Vorgänger Better Call Saul, dargestellt von Giancarlo Esposito. Gustavo "Gus" Fring ist ein umsichtiger, erfahrener Geschäftsmann und Besitzer des. Von 20spielte Esposito den kriminellen Geschäftsmann und Drogenboss Gustavo „Gus“ Fring in der AMC-Fernsehserie Breaking Bad. Für die Rolle. Gustavo „Gus“ Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) stammt aus Chile und lebte vor seiner Immigration in die USA in Mexiko. Er ist der Kopf des größten und.

Als die Tochter des chinesischen Konsuls entfhrt wird, so knnen Sie einfach Halle Berry Sexy gnstigsten aber dennoch fairen Preis finden, indem er den Gustavo Fring von alessandro farnese auf einer alten rmischen statue formte. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Für die Rolle war er für den Emmy als bester Nebendarsteller nominiert.
Gustavo Fring

Over the summer I had way too much time on my hands, so I watched a series that was quite popular a couple years ago called Breaking Bad on Netflix.

I was not crazy about all the drama on the show, however I just had to know how it would end so I kept watching.

The last few seasons of the show they introduced a fascinating antagonistic character named Gustavo Fring.

This character, many people have speculated closely represented the INTJ personality type based on the MBTI personality theory.

While I still debate whether the MBTI theory is sound, I can relate to the type as it is described.

Also in evaluating the criticisms of MBTI, I find the arguments easy to categorize into one of many logical fallacies, which really makes me question the educational standards of becoming a journalist these days; in addition to lack of counter-arguments or acknowledgement that the field of psychology as a whole is based on intangible grounds.

Gustavo Fring operates a large drug empire secretly behind a front of legitimate businesses, including an extremely successful fast-food chain and laundry facility.

To keep up appearances Gustavo is on the board of directors at a hospital and a huge contributing philanthropist to the Albuquerque Drug Enforcement Agency.

In managing his business front Gustavo Fring is charismatic, charming, and very hands on in managing his fast-food chain personally.

However, behind that veil of benevolence he is very much darker, ruthless, crude, and dangerous. After the bomb detonated in Hector's nursing home, Gus walked out of room seemingly unharmed.

It wasn't until the camera panned to his right side that viewers learned that half of Gus' face was blown off. His right eye socket was empty and the side of his face was bare flesh.

He also had wounds all over his right shoulder and hand. Gus still managed to fix his tie before collapsing and dying. Many medical professionals have provided insight into Gus' death discussion since the "Face Off" episode aired.

It was assumed that Gus was hit by the blast as the result of the explosion, not the bomb itself. Since he heard Hector's bell and realized the plan, Gus probably turned his body and tried to get out of the way.

The blast wave severely injured his right side but it didn't hit his vital organs, which could explain why he didn't immediately pass away.

Much of Gus' head and face was injured, but his skull was still intact. Retrieved January 23, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved April 9, TV Guide.

Retrieved February 18, Retrieved June 2, Esposito will have a larger role to play in season 2. Retrieved December 13, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved December 12, Retrieved July 13, AV Club.

Retrieved October 8, July 28, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved July 10, Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

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Back in the Day. In the Better Call Saul episode " Magic Man ", Lalo Salamanca discusses Gus with Juan Bolsa and refers to Max as Gus's boyfriend.

As shown in the Better Call Saul episode " Dedicado a Max ", after arriving in Albuquerque, Gus acquired a small villa on the Mexican side of the Mexico-US border.

The villa serves as the residence for Dr. Barry Goodman , and contains a fountain which is dedicated to Max. Gilligan has stated that he purposely left Gus's origins ambiguous, comparing them to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

I think they probably were lovers. Nacho Varga pays Mike to help remove Tuco Salamanca , Hector's nephew, from the day-to-day activities of the Salamanca family drug business.

Instead of killing Tuco, Mike arranges for Tuco to assault him in view of the police, leading to Tuco's arrest.

Mike fears Hector will learn that Mike arranged for Tuco's imprisonment and is concerned that Hector will retaliate against Stacey and Kaylee.

Mike acts preemptively by preparing to assassinate Hector, but is interrupted at the last moment. Mike tracks this interruption to Gus, who explains that he wants to be the one to determine when Hector will die.

However, Gus encourages Mike to continue to disrupt the trucks Hector uses to bring ice cream store supplies and drugs from Mexico and send cash back to the cartel.

After Mike disrupts two shipments without revealing his identity, Hector demands that Gus temporarily use his Los Pollos Hermanos trucks to ship both Hector's and Gus's drugs.

Gus, who had wanted this result from the start, appears to reluctantly agree. He later attempts to pay Mike, but Mike refuses the money.

With the new transport agreement in place, Nacho and Arturo Colon arrive at the Los Pollos Hermanos warehouse and farm to pick up a drug shipment, and Nacho attempts to strong-arm his way into taking six kilos instead of the agreed-upon five.

When Gus's subordinate Tyrus Kitt calls Gus for guidance, Gus recognizes an opportunity to infiltrate the Salamanca organization and tells Tyrus to give Nacho the extra kilo.

Nacho fears that Hector will learn of his role in Tuco's imprisonment and is concerned about Hector's intent to take over Nacho's father's upholstery store for use as a front business.

He secretly swaps Hector's angina medication for a placebo , hoping to induce a fatal heart attack. At a meeting between Juan Bolsa, Gus, Hector and Nacho, Bolsa informs them that the use of Gus's trucks to move the drugs and cash for both organizations will be a permanent arrangement.

Hector's angry outburst leads to a stroke, and Gus calls for an ambulance while administering first aid that saves Hector's life, though he is comatose.

Nacho follows Mike's previous advice to switch the placebos for Hector's real medication so that foul play will not be suspected. Gus appears to notice Nacho's actions, but says nothing.

Hector is rushed to the hospital, while Gus, Nacho and Arturo are summoned to a meeting with Bolsa at the Los Pollos distribution plant, where Bolsa declares that until further notice, the Salamanca operation will continue with Nacho and Arturo in charge.

Leonel and Marco Salamanca the Cousins arrive to watch over Hector. Gus hires a doctor to oversee Hector's recovery. While reviewing Hector's medical records, Gus realizes there is no nitroglycerin in Hector's system, meaning Nacho tried to kill him.

When Nacho and Arturo arrive at the chicken farm to pick up their next shipment, Gus suffocates and kills Arturo, and tells Nacho that he knows what Nacho did, and unless Nacho follows his orders, he will inform the Salamancas.

Tyrus and Victor make Arturo's death and a violent attack on Nacho look like the work of the Espinosas, while Victor sells the drugs from Nacho's car to them.

Nacho falsely identifies the Espinosas to the Cousins, who massacre the Espinosas to recover the "stolen" drugs before returning to Mexico to avoid the authorities.

Gus orders Hector's treatment halted after he has regained movement in his right index finger, leaving his recovered mind trapped in his unhealed body.

Gus works with Mike to plan construction of an underground meth "superlab" under an industrial laundry he owns, using a design provided by chemist Gale Boetticher.

Mike escorts engineers through the laundry and questions them about their ability to construct the lab as Gus secretly listens in.

Gus offers the job to Werner Ziegler after being impressed by Werner's forthright description of the difficulty and risk. Gus provides long-term housing and amenities for Werner's crew, while Mike provides security and transportation designed to keep their presence a secret.

Werner inadvertently provides details of underground concrete construction to patrons during an outing at a bar and Mike ends the conversation. The next day, Mike makes a veiled warning to Werner that Gus will have him killed if he makes the same mistake again, and Werner acknowledges that he understands.

Lalo Salamanca arrives to oversee the Salamanca drug business. He is immediately suspicious of Gus and surveils his restaurant and chicken farm.

With construction behind schedule, Werner misses his wife and effects an escape to rendezvous with her. Mike convinces Gus to let Mike find Werner and bring him back instead of killing him.

Mike tracks Werner to a money wire store and then to a nearby resort. Lalo follows Mike, kills Fred the money wire clerk to obtain the information Mike discovered, then calls resorts until he finds Werner.

By pretending to work for Gus, Lalo discovers from Werner some of the details of the lab's construction before Mike arrives and ends the call.

Knowing that Lalo can track Werner's actions back to Gus, Gus says Werner must be killed. Gus offers to send men to do it, but Mike accepts responsibility because Werner escaped on his watch, so he shoots and kills Werner himself.

Gus arranges for Nacho to take cocaine of inferior quality when picking up the Salamanca's drugs at Los Pollos Hermanos.

Rumors of the "stepped on" product reach Nacho and Domingo, who report them to Lalo. Lalo confirms the impurity of the cocaine in a visit to Salamanca street dealers.

In a meeting with Lalo and Juan Bolsa, Gus falsely claims that Werner Ziegler was working under Mike's supervision to construct a chilling system for Gus's chicken farm, and that Werner fled after stealing cocaine.

Gus goes on to claim that in an effort to hide the loss, he replaced the stolen cocaine with locally produced methamphetamine.

The story explains events of which Lalo is aware, including Werner's departure from Albuquerque, pursuit by Mike, and subsequent death.

Lalo accepts Gus's cover story and apology, but remains suspicious. Juan reminds Lalo that Gus enjoys the trust of Don Eladio, and indicates that Lalo should let the matter drop.

Because Lalo remains suspicious, Gus shuts down construction of the underground meth lab and has Mike send Werner's workers home. Gus offers to continue paying Mike during the delay, but Mike declines out of frustration over Gus's seeming lack of compassion for Werner.

Gus coerces Nacho into providing inside information on the Salamancas. Nacho reports the plan to Gus, who plans to cancel the drops, but Nacho advises that this will reveal a mole within the Salamanca organization.

Mike spends several weeks feeling depressed over Werner's death and drinks to excess. After he is injured by a local gang, Gus has him taken to a pueblo Gus owns just inside the Mexican border, which includes a fountain dedicated to Max.

Barry Goodman tends to Mike's wounds and Mike stays to heal. Gus visits and asks Mike to join his organization, saying that he wants Mike with him because Mike understands his need for revenge.

Gus arranges for Nacho to report to Mike about his activities to undermine the Salamanca organization. Mike works under an assumed name to secretly point the police towards Lalo for the murder of Fred the money wire store clerk.

Lalo is surrounded by police and arrested. Gus and other subsidiary owners provide status reports to Peter Schuler, Madrigal's CEO. Afterwards, Gus briefs Peter and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle on the status of the meth lab and Gus assures Peter he will get the plan back on track.

Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Nacho and Arturo arrive at the chicken farm to pick up their next shipment, Gus suffocates and kills Arturo, and tells Nacho House Doctor he knows what Kobold Vr300 Probleme did, and unless Nacho follows his orders, he will inform the Salamancas. Show all episodes. Of course, it wasn’t until he played the role of Gus Fring, the cold-as-ice meth kingpin standing in Walter White’s way, that he became a household name. Giancarlo Esposito, Actor: Breaking Bad. Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to an Italian carpenter/stagehand father from Naples, Italy, and an African-American opera singer mother from Alabama. His parents, working in Europe at the time of his birth, settled in Manhattan by the time he was 6, and that's where he grew up. Coming from a theatrical. Giancarlo Esposito is an American actor who plays Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He is also the host of The Broken and the Bad. Gustavo Fring is a fictional character from the television series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito.A Chilean-American, Fring is a major methamphetamine distributor in the Southwestern United States who uses several legitimate businesses, including a chain of successful fast food fried chicken restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chicken. Enigmatic Crime Lord Gustavo "Gus" Fring is the main antagonist of the popular TV series Breaking Bad. Also likeness [20]. Retrieved February 1, Gus anonymously warns Hank about the pending attack, enabling Giovanna Mezzogiorno to kill Marco and critically injure Leonel, despite becoming nearly paralyzed from the waist down. March 26, He later attempts to pay Mike, but Mike refuses the money. As shown in the Better Call Saul episode " Dedicado a Max ", after arriving in Albuquerque, Gus acquired a small villa on the Mexican side of the Mexico-US border. Gus still managed Gustavo Fring fix his tie before Varys Targaryen and dying. The Friends The Movie York Times. During the Defa Serien, Esposito appeared in films such as TapsMaximum OverdriveKing of New Yorkand Trading Places. Name required. This whole backstory adds amazing depth to the character and really draws you in! Although the character of Gus Fring and Esposito's performance have generally been well received by critics, some native Spanish speakers have criticized the actor's Faith Hilling and unnatural accent when speaking Spanish. Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Too late, Gus sees that the bell is attached to the detonator of Www Sexy Clips De pipe American Pie 2 Stream Kinox, which Walt had installed on the underside of Hector's wheelchair. He has four daughters.


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