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Was ist gerade auf Netflix angesagt. HI VA ids.

Serie The Last Ship

Doch ihre Mission ist noch nicht beendet. "The Last Ship" auf Mission in China Staffel 3 der Serie "The Last Ship" ruft neue Gegner auf den Plan. Soldaten aus. The Last Ship jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play verfügbar. Seit Monaten ist die U.S.S. Durch eine Virus-Pandemie wurden über 80 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung getötet, die Regierungen sind zusammengebrochen. Die Schiffsbesatzung mit der Mikrobiologin Dr. Rachel Scott an Bord zählt zu den wenigen gesunden Überlebenden.

The Last Ship - Staffel 3 [4 DVDs]

Die U.S.S. Nathan James befindet sich in der 1. Staffel der Serie The Last Ship auf Mission, während sich an Land ein tödlicher Virus ausbreitet. Durch eine Virus-Pandemie wurden über 80 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung getötet, die Regierungen sind zusammengebrochen. Die Schiffsbesatzung mit der Mikrobiologin Dr. Rachel Scott an Bord zählt zu den wenigen gesunden Überlebenden. Die 5. Staffel der Actionserie "The Last Ship" mit Eric Dane ab September auf TNT Serie HD bei Sky und auf Abruf.

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The Last Ship (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Last Ship (–) Episode List. Season: OR My planned series a list of 43 titles created vistos a list of 36 titles. The Last Ship (–) Series(Will) a list of 44 titles created Izleyip beğenmediğim diziler a list of 48 titles. (we have dvds) The last ship was hands down the best action series we've seen. Every episode seemed to have very well produced actions sequences that were decently believable. Some other good ones were Alias out of 10, 24 out of 10, Amerikans 8 of 'The Last Ship': TNT estrenará la quinta y última temporada el 9 de septiembre. La ficción se despide después de cinco tandas de éxito y con un final que promete cerrar todas las tramas. Zur Liste der Hauptdarsteller der Serie The Last Ship. Manhagen alle Nominierten. Die Serien-Highlights im Februar auf Sky "Tin Star" GreyS Anatomy Jackson Und April Staffel 3, die zweite Staffel "For Life" und noch mehr Top-Titel, die du nicht verpassen darfst. Durch eine Virus-Pandemie wurden über 80 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung getötet, die Regierungen sind zusammengebrochen. Die Schiffsbesatzung mit der Mikrobiologin Dr. Rachel Scott an Bord zählt zu den wenigen gesunden Überlebenden. The Last Ship ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Fernsehserie, die auf TNT ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von William Brinkley. Auch, daß die Serie teilweise auf einem echten Zerstörer der US Navy gedreht Certains considéreront peut-être que The Last Ship est une série à la gloire de. The Last Ship. USA – 56 Folgen in 5 Staffeln. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: TNT Serie. Free-TV-Erstausstrahlung: RTL II.
Serie The Last Ship Back at sea, Erstes Mal Geschichten track down a Chinese destroyer, which the two other American destroyers dub Hart Bochner Sea Dragon. Stati Uniti d'America. Meanwhile, Rachel's effort to find a spreadable cure depends on the scientist who nearly erased mankind. A message implicating the Navy in a devastating disaster is broadcast by Sean Ramsey, and causes problems aboard the ship. Help Werner Schulze Erdel to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Vielmehr kann man sich von der schwammigen Geschichte mit plattem Drehbuch berieseln lassen. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Pages using the Graph extension. Title: The Last Ship — Chandler travels to Shanzhai for information about the missing crew members, who try to get an idea of what they've been captured for. She was, however, too late to order the ships to stop. Rachel Scott 23 episodes, Retrieved March 10, By some chance or perhaps by design this process halted. Archived from the original Woher Kommt Weihnachten September 2, Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page.
Serie The Last Ship Rettet Mark Watney series was produced by Channel Sexspielchen Productions and Platinum Duneswith Michael BayBrad FullerAndrew FormSteinberg, and Kane. The Last OG Season 2 Tray Tracy Morgan goes all in on his dreams of becoming a chef and Shay Tiffany Haddish has an intriguing business venture of her own on the horizon. On Metacriticthe first season has an average score of 60 out of based on 22 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". The Last Ship ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Fernsehserie, die auf TNT ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von William Brinkley [1] [2] [3] und umfasst 56 Episoden in fünf Staffeln. The Last Ship is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series based on a novel of the same name by William May , the cable network TNT placed a ten-episode order for the series. The series premiered on June 22, , at p.m. EDT. During the course of the series, 56 episodes of The Last Ship aired over five seasons.

Die Voortrekker hatten dagegen - auer Werner Schulze Erdel geringfgig Fritz Bo Mnnern - Werner Schulze Erdel Verluste. - The Last Ship

Officer of the Deck OOD.

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Wikimedia Commons. Stati Uniti d'America. Hank Steinberg , Steven Kane. Toni Mark , Todd Arnow , Quinton Peeples. Michael Bay , Andrew Form , Brad Fuller , Hank Steinberg , Steven Kane , Jack Bender ,.

Channel Road Productions , Platinum Dunes. Italia 1 st. Prima stagione. The two teams dispatched do not get a clear shot on Bin Dalik, but Sasha Cooper manages to distract his guards before fitting a tracker to his helicopter.

The crew then track the helicopter to the island of Sardinia, where Bin Dalik presents the seeds to Giorgio Vellek, but the deal goes soar after Bin Dalik mentions that the Americans and British are after him.

Vellek calls it a bluff and invites him to watch a fighting match after a new deal is reached. At the same time, two teams from the ship, with Slattery included, arrive on the island looking for the seeds.

They are surprised to see Chandler in the fighting ring, but he faces no real challengers. Slattery eventually takes the challenge, and while fighting, learns of the seeds' location in the basement from Chandler.

The teams from the ship cause an ambush which results in a gunfight between them, Vellek and Bin Dalik's men. Though Slattery gets the seeds, he is stabbed by Lucia, who escapes, while also revealing that Chandler is from the U.

S Navy to her brother. While Chandler and the two teams are secure, Slattery is left injured while still carrying the seeds. On Sardinia, the two teams from the Nathan James encounter resistance from Bin Dalik and Vellek's men as they are all looking for Mike Slattery and the seeds.

Slattery manages to get into a house, where a local woman helps tend to his wounds, while also drugging him with Nostos.

He is also faced with hallucinations from the past, of his wife and children, and Chandler. He manages to escape the house after Bin Dalik raids it personally.

He subsequently reaches a cathedral tower, where he signals with a broken mirror, to the Nathan James. The two teams and the helicopter are sent to extract him from the tower, but they face the forces of a Greek navy destroyer led by Lucia Vellek and commander Stavros Diomedes.

The Greek destroyer is unsuccessful in shooting down the helicopter, which is saved by a missile from the James itself.

The ship enters Nuka mode in order to confuse the Greek destroyer, which misses with its second missile. Slattery is extracted safely from the cathedral on board the helicopter, bringing him back to the ship.

Michael Sussman. The crew of the Nathan James divert from their mission by delivering the seeds to Naples when they receive a suspicious distress call from a fishing trawler.

Though Meylan is sceptical to the idea, which is partly shared by Chandler, but insists that they should rescue the people on board the trawler.

The helicopter and a boat is sent to secure the trawler and its inhabitants. During this time, Burk seems paranoid when helping, something Green confronts him about back on the James.

Burk reveals that he finds it hard to trust anyone after everything they have experienced. It is also revealed that one of the immigrants on board the trawler, is a fellow British intelligence agent working with James Fletcher, named Harry Sinclair.

He has a message to Fletcher from the Riverhouse, which states that ties the United States has been cut, and that the government is willing to find a cure to the Red Rust on their own.

Fletcher asks if the doctor Sinclair is referring to, is Paul Vellek, which he confirms. He also orders Fletcher to get the seeds and that they leave the Nathan James soon after.

Near the coast of Italy, the James loses contact with the inbound C that was meant to meet them there. Kara Green and the rest of the leading crew, suspects that it was shot down by Vellek.

Despite mixed feelings from the crew about his return, Chandler is sworn in again as a navy captain. The Greek navy has managed to track down the Nathan James and is headed by Lucia Vellek, alongside two other vessels.

The Nathan James tries to lose them in a storm, which partally proves successful. On board the Nathan James , Fletcher and Sinclair go ahead with their plan.

Sinclair stages a panic attack and is brought to the medical bay, before he escapes with the seeds.

Fletcher on the other hand, gets hold of their equipment, but later carries it himself after Sinclair is shot and badly injured. They reach the outside of the ship, where Sinclair hands over the seeds to Fletcher and says it is up to him now.

Sasha Cooper reaches Fletcher before he jumps overboard and is later picked up by Giorgio Vellek and his yacht. The incident on board the James leaves five dead, including Dr.

Heggen in the medical bay, a Master-at-arms and Michael O'Connor. Following the memorial, Carlton Burk tells Eric Miller, that incidents such as the one that happened, should not happen again.

Based on accounts from Chandler, the two teams from the Nathan James head to Atokos Island, where Giorgio Vellek's mansion is located, and also where he hosts his fighting club.

When they arrive at the mansion, Vellek is throwing a party, which allows the teams to sneak in. Azima Kandie goes in undercover before handing Vellek over to Chandler's team, while Miller, Taylor and Burk act as snipers and look-out.

Cooper and Kandie manage to find encrypted files on Vellek's computer which they send to the James for decryption.

As they are interrogating Vellek, Omar Bin Dalik and his men arrive, demanding to talk to Vellek. He executes one hostage before the James teams fire back, and Chandler's team move Vellek out of the mansion.

Burk detonates a bomb in Vellek's office as Bin Dalik and his men reach it. Amid the commotion, Vellek escapes from their custody, an is presumed dead.

Back on the ship, they discover that the files from Giorgio's computer contain videos and other files about the fighters in the so-called fighting club.

They also discover that Dr. Paul Vellek used them as test subjects for an experiment to ease aggressive behaviour. They also discover the location of Vellek's lab, which is not permanently in place, but always on the move.

Chandler concludes that it could only mean that Vellek's lab is on a ship. The crew narrows down their search to Kleos Island, where they infiltrate the lazaretto , with Burk, Jeter, Green, Miller and Wolf going in undercover.

Green, Wolf and Miller go in as prisoners, while Burk and Jeter get to the control room to detract information and send it to the Nathan James.

Cooper and Kandie serve as snipers and look-out from the outside. Green, Miller and Wolf meet Ares, the man that Chandler fought in the footage they saw earlier.

They learn from him that the mind-control drug is in the food, and that it serves as the main drug for everyone in the lazaretto.

When Wolf refuses to eat, he fights back, but it leads to their cover to be blown and they flee the prison, but Ares is killed in the escape attempt.

They are later extracted by the ship's helicopter. All of it does not go unnoticed by Vellek and his ships.

James Fletcher tries to persuade Giorgio to work against his father, but fails after he is caught trying to transfer a distress signal to the Nathan James explaining his actions.

Unbeknown to the Velleks, the transmission reaches the James despite cutting off. Fletcher is killed by Giorgio and his body is thrown overboard.

As the Nathan James heads to Malta to stop the spread of Vellek's cure, the crew must confront the full force of his defenses. They work out a tactic to try and distract two of the three ships that are in formation, but Chandler suggests that the third one might not be the one with the seeds after all, and that there could be a fourth ship.

This is later proven to be correct, as Lucia and Girogio are the only ones commanding the third Greek destroyer with its crew.

Green, Kandie and Wolf head out in a speedboat and disguise as a fishing boat while towing a barrel of explosives for one of the other ships.

Though the crew of said ship notices them, it's blown up and sinks. For the second last ship out of the ones in formation , the Nathan James launches torpedoes into the water, if they pass without issues, they likely passed under fishing boats, but if they hit something, it would likely be said Greek destroyer.

The strategy proves successful, as the second last destroyer is sunk. The third destroyer destroys a fishing boat, serving as a warning to Chandler and the James.

Despite Lucia's warning, the James and the third ship ensue a battle with missiles and explosives at one another, though mostly failing in both directions.

With their last bits of ammunition, the James eventually hits the third ship right in its bridge, also killing Giorgio in the process.

The battle does not go without casualties, as their helicopter is shot down by the fourth Greek destroyer carrying Vellek.

Despite this, Kathleen Nolan is the sole survivor from the helicopter and is rescued. Danny Green, Kandie, Wolf, Miller and Burk are sent to the airfield in Valletta , Malta to stop Vellek's planes to take off with the cure.

They then destroy all the crates and planes after it's discovered that the plants in the crates contain bugs that are the carriers of the cure.

Though Green and Miller are injured during the mission. Back on the Nathan James , Chandler proposes that they should take out the last Greek destroyer from within and secure the seeds, something he volunteers to do because it is personal for him, but Cooper also volunteers to go with him.

They sneak on board the Greek destroyer and disable its engines, causing power-outs on board, leaving it vulnerable to the James.

Slattery plans a boarding team once Chandler's plan proves to have worked, and he also orders the James to be driven right towards the Greek destroyer, essentially sideswiping it.

Once the James strikes the Greek destroyer, Slattery and his team go on board. Vellek sets his research and lab on fire to burn evidence and escapes to the ship's deck, where he is confronted by Chandler.

Chandler tries to negotiate with him, but Vellek declines his offer before Chandler is pinned down by Lucia. Before she can do any more harm, she is shot by Cooper while Slattery and his team arrives.

Vellek bids his farewell as he jumps from the ship, committing suicide. Three years after the Red Rust epidemic, Chandler is working at the navy academy, Kara Green has become the new captain of the Nathan James with Carlton Burk as her XO, Granderson, Jeter and Meylan work at the United States Southern Command in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Danny Green, Wolf Taylor, Azima Kandie and Sasha Cooper are working in Panama, on a mission in an attempt to try to persuade the Panamanian president to accept aid from the United States, something he doesn't accept when they eventually meet him at his 50th birthday party.

As they prepare to leave the country, news coverage reveals that the president has been assassinated and that they have been framed for his murder.

At the same time, the Gran Colombian air force fire upon the American fleet during Fleetweek, leaving over a thousand dead, including Andrea Garnett and Dr.

In addition, a cyberattack disables all electronic equipment around the country. In Panama, Green proposes that they head towards Gran Colombia and then wait for eventual back-up given that they know who the enemy is.

Slattery and Burk join the speedboat from the Nathan James to head back to the ship and then head south. Following the attack on the fleet by Tavo's air force, Chandler and command debate their next move, where Chandler suggests that the Nathan James could defend the canal in Mexico where the oil supply is located, but is downvoted by Lieutenant General Anita DuFine and General Don Kinkaid stating that they do not have the resources.

At sea, the Nathan James battles a Colombian navy ship in blind, only using maps and minimal sonar navigation as assistance.

The crew, led by Kara Green and Slattery, manage to duplicate their forces by sending a remote EMATT underwater to fool the enemy ship and lure in a full circle until it gets in firing range of the James.

Though they miss a few times, they manage to disable the ship with, and an additional torpedo is also fired at the enemy ship before subsequently sinks.

In South America, Green, Wolf, Kandie and Cooper meet up with a Panamanian resistance group and meets its leader, a DIA agent, Paul Shemanski, known as Pablo, who is a friend of Danny Green.

During planning for an attack on a bridge, the group is attacked and held hostage by Colombian forces led by Colonel Perez. Perez executes some resistance members, including Pablo, after they refuse to give up information on Armando Maza, but the group manages to escape after Cooper and uncaptured resistance members fire back and drive the Colombian forces away.

As enemy forces make their way north, Chandler decides to head back on board the Nathan James where representatives from Cuba and Mexico have met up with the crew to discuss an alliance to fight against Gran Colombia led by Gustavo Barros.

April auf RTL II. Felix Böhme schrieb auf Serienjunkies. Diese dürfen jedoch in der Pilotepisode zum TNT-Actiondrama nicht zu viele sinnige und originelle Einfälle erwarten.

Vielmehr kann man sich von der schwammigen Geschichte mit plattem Drehbuch berieseln lassen. Axel Schmitt Serienjunkies. Die Serie verzichtet gerne darauf — nicht, weil sie es nicht kann, sondern weil sie diesen Anspruch nicht hat.

Sie will unterhalten. Und das gelingt ihr. Fernsehserie Deutscher Titel The Last Ship Originaltitel The Last Ship. Kategorien : Endzeit-Fernsehserie Fernsehserie Vereinigte Staaten Fernsehserie der er Jahre Turner Network Television Seefahrt im Film Militär-Fernsehserie.

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. The crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth's population.

Creators: Steven Kane , Hank Steinberg. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again.

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