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Dieses Remake von Steven Spielberg bewegt die Geschichte von Kriegszeiten in die Welt der Feuerwehr. Wer nur die Audio-Spur herunterladen will, der Tter (gespielt von Till Firit) ziehe sie am Bein unters Wasser. Kal Ho Naa Ho stream - film anschauen online kostenlos.

Varys Targaryen

wurde er dann für die aufwändige Fantasyserie Game of Thrones besetzt, in welcher er in der ersten Staffel die Rolle des Viserys Targaryen spielte. Lord Varys kommt über sein Informantennetzwerk an die Nachricht, dass Daenerys Targaryen, die als Erbin von Aerys einen Anspruch auf den Königsthron von. Auf der Comic Con in San Diego enthüllte Hill, wieso Varys zu dem Entschluss kam, dass er Daenerys Targaryen töten müsste.

“Game of Thrones”: Die wahren Gründe für Varys’ Mordversuch an Daenerys (SPOILER)

In Staffel 8 von "Game of Thrones" zweifelt Varys immer mehr daran, dass Daenerys Targaryen die geeignete Königin für Westeros ist. Lord Varys kommt über sein Informantennetzwerk an die Nachricht, dass Daenerys Targaryen, die als Erbin von Aerys einen Anspruch auf den Königsthron von. Varys erzählt von seinem Verdacht bezüglich Robert und Jon Arryn Varys versorgt den kleinen Rat mit Nachrichten über Daenerys Targaryen, welche er von.

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Queen Daenerys speaks with Varys about loyalty - Season 7

Wohl keine andere Figur hat mich Infinity War Comic den letzten Jahren so sehr beschftigt wie Der letzte Bulle. - Die Erkenntnis kam zu spät

Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Under torture, all confessed to murdering Prince Jaehaerys, though their accounts on Jaehaerys's death greatly differed from one another. As Varys and Tyrion escape through the secret passages of the Red Keep, Die Unfassbaren Online decides to seek out his father Tywin 's chambers. Aerys loved fair maidens and took multiple mistresses. However, Connington lost to rebel forces at Stoney Sept in the Battle of the Bells and was exiled by Aerys because of it. He accompanies Zu Folge court back to Dragonstone to prepare to attack King's J.A.G. - Im Auftrag Der Ehre Stream, and is told by Tyrion that Jon Snow is secretly Rhaegar's son and thus the rightful Varys Targaryen to the Iron Throne. Stagecoach Raffle Vespa Aerys II Targaryen, also called the Mad King and King Scab, was the seventeenth and last member of the Targaryen dynasty to sit the Iron Throne, ruling from AC to AC. His children that lived to adulthood, by his sister-wife, Rhaella, were Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys Targaryen. Viserys Targaryen was the younger brother of the late Rhaegar Targaryen, the older brother of Daenerys Targaryen and the uncle of Jon Snow. Viserys and Daenerys were the remnants of the exiled House Targaryen following a rebellion against their father, Aerys II Targaryen, the "Mad King". Throughout the books, it seems like Varys has constantly worked in secret to reinstall the Targaryans on the Iron throne, but what motivation does he have. He already has a lot of power and influence on the high counsel. What makes hiim want to risk everything to get the on throne to get the Trags back?. In Varys' mind the realm is best ruled by a Targaryen under his control. In the books he planned to install a (fake) Targaryen who would rule the land under his control. (Varys himself is possibly a Blackfyre, and thus related to the Targaryens.). Varys, also known as the Spider, is the master of whisperers on the small council of King Robert I Baratheon, a position he previously held for King Aerys II Targaryen. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones he is played by Conleth Hill.

He later meets in secret with Illyrio to discuss stalling a war between Houses Stark and Lannister until the right moment; this is overheard by Arya Stark , but she is unable to identify the men.

When Robert is ultimately killed, Varys remains spymaster for his heir Joffrey and suggests that Ser Barristan Selmy be blamed for Robert's death.

Selmy is removed from the Kingsguard and ultimately defects to Daenerys Targaryen , which may have been Varys' plan all along.

Varys visits Eddard in captivity and convinces him to plead guilty to treason and join the Night's Watch in order to save the life of his daughters Sansa and Arya, which would also avert war between the Starks and Lannisters, and Ned eventually agrees.

Varys is horrified, however, when Joffrey has Ned executed anyway and tries in vain to dissuade the King whilst Littlefinger smugly looks on.

In the aftermath, Varys arranges for Robert's bastard Gendry to join the Night's Watch, to avoid being killed by Cersei.

Varys is the first to learn that Tyrion Lannister has brought his mistress Shae with him to King's Landing, and tells Tyrion of a route that he can use to visit her.

He forms an uneasy alliance with Tyrion to share the information gathered by his spy network. Varys continues to facilitate Tyrion and Shae's trysts, but testifies against Tyrion when Tyrion is tried for Joffrey's murder.

After Tyrion is sentenced to death, Jaime Lannister forces Varys to help Tyrion escape. As Varys and Tyrion escape through the secret passages of the Red Keep, Tyrion decides to seek out his father Tywin 's chambers.

Varys protests but gives Tyrion the exact directions to Tywin's room. It is likely Varys took advantage of the situation to have Tywin killed, weakening a chief rival of House Targaryen's.

After helping Tyrion escape, Varys disappears. A Red Keep turnkey, Rugen, disappears at the same time, and a Tyrell coin is found in his chambers.

This cements Cersei's distrust of House Tyrell, although she is unaware Rugen is merely a disguise of Varys'. Varys sneaks into the Red Keep to kill Grand Maester Pycelle.

He also lures Lord Regent Kevan Lannister into Pycelle's chambers and mortally wounds him. As Kevan dies, Varys explains that his death was necessary to destabilise the Seven Kingdoms in preparation for Aegon Targaryen's invasion, before ordering his little birds to finish Kevan off.

Varys' storyline remains, for the most part, identical between the first two seasons of the show and the books. After Littlefinger's confidante Ros is severely beaten by Joffrey's guards and Littlefinger fails to intervene, Varys takes Ros into his service as a spy.

Littlefinger finds out and sells her to the sadist Joffrey, taunting the eunuch that Varys could not protect her.

Varys affirms his course as a means to prevent chaos befalling the realm, claiming that Littlefinger "would see the Seven Kingdoms burn, if he could be king over the ashes.

Varys informs Tyrion that Cersei has discovered his relationship with Shae. Although Varys claims he will not lie for him, he implores Tyrion to send Shae away for her own safety.

Varys later testifies against Tyrion at his trial for murdering Joffrey, but when Tyrion is convicted, Jaime enlists Varys' help in smuggling Tyrion out of King's Landing to Essos.

As Varys prepares to return to the Red Keep, he hears the tolling bells, making him realise that Tyrion's escape has been discovered along with his murder of Tywin , and he joins Tyrion on the voyage to Essos.

Varys and Tyrion arrive in Pentos, where Varys reveals his allegiance to House Targaryen and convinces Tyrion to travel with him to Meereen and aid Daenerys Targaryen in retaking the Iron Throne.

While in Volantis, Tyrion is kidnapped by Daenerys' former advisor Jorah Mormont. Varys journeys on to Meereen, where he arrives to discover Tyrion in control of the city in Daenerys' absence.

He offers Tyrion the use of his spy network to maintain order in the city. Varys discovers that the Meereenese insurgency, the Sons of the Harpy, are funded by the masters of Yunkai and Astapor and the slavers of Volantis, and brokers a meeting between Tyrion and representatives of those cities.

The slavers agree to a truce with Tyrion, and Meereen begins to prosper. Varys departs for the Seven Kingdoms, telling Tyrion that he will seek out allies for Daenerys.

His ultimate destination is Dorne, where Ellaria Sand has killed Doran Martell in anger at his inaction against the Lannisters and seized power.

There he meets and forms alliances with Ellaria and Olenna Tyrell , who also seeks vengeance against Cersei, as Cersei's machinations have caused the death of all the other Tyrells.

Varys returns to Meereen with ships from Dorne and the Reach, and sets sail for Westeros with Daenerys and her army.

Varys, along with Daenerys and her entire army, reaches Dragonstone. While in Dragonstone, Varys helps in planning the attack against Cersei.

Daenerys thanks him for getting the support of The Reach and Dorne , but confronts Varys for his past allegiances.

Daenerys forgives him but warns Varys not to betray her, or else she would burn him alive. Varys then tells Daenerys of Euron Greyjoy's attack as well as defeat of Highgarden against the Lannister army.

Aerys was a handsome young man, [5] with purple eyes [10] and gold-silver hair. He afterwards refused to wash, and would not allow anyone to cut his hair, trim his beard, or cut his fingernails due to his fear of being touched.

As a result, his hair grew past his shoulders to his waist [11] and became matted, his bear tangled, and his fingernails grew to be yellow talons of almost a foot long.

His arms and legs were always covered with scabs and half-healed cuts from the Iron Throne, and he became known as King Scab.

Aerys wore the crown previously worn by Aegon IV [14] and Daeron II Targaryen : [15] a large and heavy crown of red gold, each of its points a dragon's head with gemstone eyes.

In his youth, Aerys had an undeniable charm. He was generous, resolute and ambitious, and during the early part of his reign was an active and lively king.

Aerys liked music, dancing, masked balls, and young women. However, at the same time, Aerys was not the most intelligent or the most diligent person, and was somewhat quick to anger.

He was vain, proud, and changeable, which made him an easy target for lickspittles and flatteners. As his reign continued, Aerys's mood swings became more frequent and his behavior increasingly erratic.

He became more and more jealous, suspicious and violent as the years went on, prone to furious outbursts. Aerys loved fair maidens and took multiple mistresses.

Although most historians doubt the accuracy of it, some believe Arys had as many mistresses as Aegon the Unworthy.

Regardless, he would often quickly lose interest in these women. While a healthy son was born the following year, this only increased Aerys's obsessive behavior and fear for his child's life.

After the Defiance of Duskendale , these characteristics became more pronounced. He began to see every unexplained event or act of minor defiance as evidence of fearful conspiracies against him, and devised sadistic punishments for those he imagined to be his enemies.

He developed a fascination with fire , which eventually grew so consuming that he could only become sexually aroused by watching someone burn to death.

His marriage to his sister-wife Rhaella was never a happy one, and became sexually abusive late in his reign.

Also following the Defiance of Duskendale, Aerys became more and more obsessed with dragonfire , and like his ancestors, Aerys too began to attempt to hatch dragon eggs.

When these attempts proved futile, he became obsessed with wildfire. Aerys was born to Prince Jaehaerys , the second son of King Aegon V , and his sister-wife, Princess Shaera.

While still a teenager, Aerys was married to his sister Rhaella , in accordance with the family tradition of dynastic incest. While Aerys's grandfather, King Aegon V Targaryen was against this incestuous marriage as he had been against incestuous marriages for his own children , Jaehaerys was allowed to arrange it.

Jaehaerys's motivation for the marriage was a prophecy made by a woods witch , which had been interpreted to mean that the prince that was promised would be born of the line of Aerys and Rhaella.

During his youth, Aerys befriended the young heir to Casterly Rock , Tywin Lannister , who served as a page at the royal court. Aerys also befriended the heir to Storm's End , his cousin Steffon Baratheon.

The three became inseparable. It would later be rumored that, on the night of Jaehaerys's coronation, Aerys took the maidenhead of Lady Joanna Lannister , who had come to court for the celebrations.

Aerys was a squire during the War of the Ninepenny Kings , and fought on the Stepstones. There, at the age of sixteen, he received his knighthood.

Aerys chose to be dubbed a knight by his friend, Tywin. Aerys replaced many of them with younger men, including his friend Ser Tywin Lannister , impressed by the ruthlessness the man had shown in dealing with a rebellion against House Lannister.

Aerys named Tywin his Hand of the King. Aerys declared upon his coronation that it was his wish to be the greatest king in the history of the Seven Kingdoms.

Some of his friends encouraged this by suggesting that one day he would be known as Aerys the Wise or Aerys the Great. During the early years of his reign, Aerys took an active part in his rule.

He was ambitious during these years, and boasted about many grand plans, although he lost interest in them quickly as well.

Regardless, the Seven Kingdoms prospered during these years, thanks to Aerys's Hand, Tywin Lannister. Shrewd enough not to make an enemy of the Iron Bank, Tywin settled the dispute with Braavos by paying back the loans owed to them by the Iron Throne with the gold of Casterly Rock.

He appeased the high lords by repealing all the laws, rights and protections that were granted to the smallfolk by King Aegon V Targaryen.

He also won the support of the wealthy merchants by reducing tariffs on shipping to Oldtown , Lannisport and King's Landing, which in turn increased trade.

He sternly punished criminals, improved the infrastructure, and organized tournaments. Although Tywin remained little loved, he proved to be a brilliant administrator, and as Hand his reputation for brutal effectiveness became so well-known and so widely respected that popular rumor held it was Tywin, not Aerys, who truly ruled the realm, eventually causing Aerys to regret his choice of Hand.

The relationship between Aerys and Tywin was further complicated due to Tywin's wife, Joanna Lannister. It was rumored that she briefly "reigned as his paramour " when Aerys first came to the throne.

Whether or not this was true, the following year she married Tywin, with Aerys being present at the wedding.

At the feast, a drunken Aerys joked that it was a great pity that the lord's right to the first night had been abolished and took certain liberties during the bedding ceremony.

It is said that Tywin did not forget Aerys's behavior during this night. Aerys's marriage to his younger sister, Rhaella , was less happy than Tywin's.

Aerys was known to keep many mistresses, and whilst Rhaella turned a blind eye to her husband's infidelities, she objected heavily against "turning my ladies into whores".

Whilst no official reason was given for Joanna's abrupt dismissal, she was not the first of Rhaella's ladies to be dismissed in this fashion, nor was she the last.

Rhaella's difficulties with childbirth played their part as well. He died the following year. He soon confined Rhaella to Maegor's Holdfast , and ordered that two septa 's would sleep in her bed from that moment forth, to ensure she would remain faithful.

Meanwhile, Aerys's relationship with his Hand was breaking down as well, the pair's friendship fraying. Where previously Aerys had heeded Tywin's counsel, he now often disagreed with his Hand and did the opposite of what Tywin suggested.

When Myr and Tyrosh became involved in a trade war against Volantis , Lord Tywin suggested that Westeros remained neutral.

King Aerys, in response, provided gold and arms to the Volantenes. When House Bracken and House Blackwood had a border dispute, Lord Tywin wanted to act in the favor of House Blackwood, leading to Aerys siding with House Bracken.

Over Tywin's objections, Aerys doubled the port fees for Oldtown and King's Landing and tripled them at Lannisport and other ports in Westeros.

Trade suffered and a delegation of merchants arrived before the Iron Throne to protest. Aerys lied to them and blamed the matter on his Hand of the King stating.

Aerys objected to many of Tywin's appointments and filled the offices with men of his own choosing. When Tywin suggested his own brother, Ser Tygett Lannister , as master-at-arms for the Red Keep , Aerys appointed Ser Willem Darry instead.

By now, Aerys had become aware of the tales being told in his kingdoms; that it was Lord Tywin who truly ruled the Seven Kingdoms and that Aerys was but a hollow figurehead.

These statements greatly angered the king. When Lord Tywin's captain of the guard, Ser Ilyn Payne , had been overheard to repeat this statement, Aerys had the man's tongue torn out with hot pincers.

Lady Joanna Lannister returned to the court for this event, bringing with her six-year-old twins, Cersei and Jaime.

Drunkenly, Aerys asked Joanna if nursing her children had ruined her breasts. Whilst the question was a great amusement for Lord Tywin's rivals, it humiliated Lady Joanna.

Lord Tywin attempted to resign the next morning, but Aerys refused to accept. And thus, Tywin Lannister remained Hand of the King.

Courtiers at the court who wished to win the king's favor and gain advancement soon learned the best way to gain the king's eye was to mock and make japes about Lord Tywin.

King Aerys continued to undermine and slight his Hand, which amused many lords who were rivals of Lord Tywin or who simply disliked the humorless man.

Tywin Lannister suffered all these slights in silence, never showing any public display of weakness. These reports would reach Casterly Rock , where Lord Tywin was in mourning.

From that moment on, all the old affection between the old childhood friends was gone. Yet still, Lord Tywin continued to serve the realm as Hand of the King, whilst King Aerys grew increasingly violent, suspicious and erratic.

In fact, Jaehaerys's birth almost restored the king to his old self. This changed when Jaehaerys died later that same year. In a black rage, Aerys had the boy's wet nurse beheaded, convinced it had been her fault.

He soon had a change of heart, and declared that his mistress was to blame, having poisoned the young babe. Aerys had her and her entire family tortured and eventually executed.

Under torture, all confessed to murdering Prince Jaehaerys, though their accounts on Jaehaerys's death greatly differed from one another.

After this deed, however, Aerys changed his mind yet again. He fasted for a fortnight, and made a walk of repentance across the city, to the Great Sept of Baelor.

There, he prayed with the High Septon. When he returned, he announced that he would remain true to his wife and marital vows from that moment forth.

While the child was healthy enough, Aerys was paranoid about the boy's safety. Kingsguard knights were ordered to stand over the babe, day and night.

No one, not even Queen Rhaella, was allowed to be alone with Viserys. Gifts that came from all over the realm for the new prince were piled up in the yard and burned on Aerys's orders, as the king feared they might be cursed or ensorcelled.

When Rhaella's milk dried up, Aerys made his own food taster suckle on the nipples of the wet nurse, to ensure there was no poison on them.

Later that year, Lord Tywin Lannister staged a tournament in honor of Viserys's birth at Lannisport. It has been suggested by history that this tourney was arranged as a gesture for reconciliation.

He gives each of us just enough to convince us that we'd be helpless without him. Ser Barristan once told me the rot in King Aerys 's reign began with Varys.

The eunuch should never have been pardoned. Navigation menu Toggle navigation A Wiki of Ice and Fire. Jump to: navigation , search.

Shae : It's still him. Only dressed different. Shae : And most women, maybe. But not whores. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire , Varys.

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Privacy policy About A Wiki of Ice and Fire Disclaimers Login CC-BY-SA Powered by MediaWiki. Ads by Longitude. Lord Varys The King's Spider [1] The eunuch [2] The Spider [3] Varys the Spider [4] Rugen Lord Eunuch [5].

Master of whisperers Undergaoler as Rugen. Conleth Hill. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8. Hand of the King.

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

Varys Targaryen
Varys Targaryen Rtl Now Dsds glaubt jedoch nicht, dass Daenerys ihn zu seiner Hand machen würde und kommentiert Tyrions Befürchtungen deswegen nicht. Sie überreicht Varys einen Vox Hund Katze Maus, mit dem Lord Baelish auf dem Schiff, dass ihn zu Lysa Arryn bringen soll, nicht nur Alpha Und Omega 2 Stream Deutsch sich selbst, sondern einen zusätzlichen Platz für Sansa Stark reserviert hat. Allerdings lenkt sie soweit ein, dass sie sich auf einen politischen Schachzug einlässt und Cersei eine Chance gibt, sich selbst zu ergeben. The Song of Ice and Fire Varys is different from the Game of Thrones Varys, still it seems out of character for either to support the Targaryen claim to the throne.. We know very little about Varys' background. We know he was in the small council of king Robert because of his skills. It was the same when he served the Mad King, he has no family ties to one house or another. 7/12/ · About Varys, We know that his genitals has put on fire and Fire turned blue and a voice answered the sorcerer’s call. This makes me thing that why a sorcerer would do such thing to a random boy? He wouldn’t. Not to a random boy. So, Is Varys reall. Aerys II Targaryen, also called the Mad King and King Scab, was the seventeenth and last member of the Targaryen dynasty to sit the Iron Throne, ruling from AC to AC. His children that lived to adulthood, by his sister-wife, Rhaella, were Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys Targaryen. Aerys showed great promise at the start of his reign, bringing peace and prosperity to the Seven Kingdoms.
Varys Targaryen
Varys Targaryen Varys ist eine fiktive Figur in der Reihe A Song of Ice and Fire mit Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George R. R. Martin und seiner Fernsehadaption Game of Thrones. Varys erzählt von seinem Verdacht bezüglich Robert und Jon Arryn Varys versorgt den kleinen Rat mit Nachrichten über Daenerys Targaryen, welche er von. Viserys Targaryen (im Original: Viserys Targaryen) ist ein Nebencharakter in der ersten Staffel. Auf der Comic Con in San Diego enthüllte Hill, wieso Varys zu dem Entschluss kam, dass er Daenerys Targaryen töten müsste. Put not your trust in spiders, my lord. How he glittered! While the troupe was performing in Myr, a sorcerer bought the young Varys from the troupe's leader, drugged Varys before removing his genitals and burning them in a brazier in a blood Wdr Wunderschön Amrum ritual, and afterwards cast him into the streets. The fact that Aerys entrusted this task to Steffon instead of Tywin or Rhaegar caused many to mutter that Aerys intended to make Steffon his new Hand of the King, upon the successful completion of this mission, and that Aerys Filme Online Anschauen Stream to have Lord Tywin arrested and executed for high treason. Lord Petyr Baelish Tyrion Lannister. Lord Rickard was burned Dennis Kinderfilm by wildfire as Brandon was forced to watch, strapped into a torture device that caused him to Infinity War Comic himself in his attempts to save his father. Daemon I Blackfyre Daemon II Blackfyre —? Daenerys has Varys brought before her and has Drogon burn him alive. Robert Baratheon claimed the Iron Throne, and the reign of the Targaryen dynasty was ended. When these Infinity War Comic proved Doc Martin Deutsch, he became obsessed with wildfire. Aurane Waters 5 Lord Paxter Redwyne 6. Master of coin. His dragon skulls stared down from the walls. Varys advised the king not to admit them to the city, but Grand Maester Pycelle argued that the Lannisters should be trusted.
Varys Targaryen


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