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Star Trek Enterprise TPol

Zur Begrüßung bei ihrer ersten Begegnung reicht er T'Pol die Hand, was diese allerdings nicht erwidert. Kurz nachdem die Enterprise gestartet ist, besucht er. - Erkunde Manni Maiers Pinnwand „tpol and trip“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu star trek enterprise, star trek bilder, fernsehsender. T'Pol übernimmt das Kommando über die Enterprise. Es stellt sich jedoch heraus​, dass diese Suliban, angeführt von Sarin, Klaang beauftragt haben eine wichtige​.

“Star Trek: Enterprise” – Ein Rückblick 15 Jahre nach dem Serienende

Tpol, Darstellerin: Jolene Blalock. Rolle bei Star Trek: Wissenschaftsoffizierin T'​Pol ist eine vulkanische Wissenschaftsoffizierin an Bord der Enterprise. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Star Trek ENTERPRISE Autogramm - Jolene Blalock - T'Pol Signiert bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! - Erkunde Manni Maiers Pinnwand „tpol and trip“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu star trek enterprise, star trek bilder, fernsehsender.

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Enterprise - Interview - Sub-commander T'Pol

Apr 20, - Explore Richard's board "T'pol" on Pinterest. See more ideas about jolene blalock, star trek enterprise, star trek pins. Photo of T'Pol for fans of Star Trek - Enterprise Star Trek: Enterprise, originally titled Enterprise until Season 3, is the sixth series set in the Star Trek universe. Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and based upon Gene Roddenberry's classic Star Trek (and its subsequent spin-offs), Enterprise was a 55 pins.
Star Trek Enterprise TPol

Mit einer exklusiven Star Trek Enterprise TPol Collapse der Nachrichtensender Star Trek Enterprise TPol Ende November sein 25-jhriges Bestehen. - Verwandte Beiträge

Tucker Ocr Software Mac dabei Soval vor, dass die Vulkanier die Mission von Anfang an sabotieren wollten.

Phlox , the only other non-human onboard, and Captain Archer. Though she may not always agree with the captain's style of command, she cannot help but respect him.

At the captain's suggestion, she has also attempted to fraternize more with the crew, and even attended one of the ship's regular movie nights.

T'Pol was surprised to find herself enjoying the movie: "Frankenstein. Even other Vulcans are surprised that T'Pol can stomach working so closely with humans, since Vulcans find the smell of humans unpleasant — T'Pol is able to endure the experience with the aid of a nasal numbing agent.

T'Pol has demonstrated a strong ability to adapt, which is rare in Vulcans — perhaps it is something she's learned from humans.

For example, when Captain Archer decided to take an away team to a newly-discovered, uninhabited Minshara-class planet against T'Pol's precautionary warnings, she ended up being the only crew member on the planet not experiencing hallucinations caused by indigenous pollen in the air.

In danger of being assaulted or killed by the affected crew members, she was able to role-play in order to coax a peaceful resolution, something most Vulcans would never do.

Similarly, she also role-played when a mysterious group of large-eared aliens took over Enterprise , tricking them and gaining the upper hand.

Although Vulcan, T'Pol has shown that her allegiance is to the truth; she didn't turn a blind eye when the secret Vulcan surveillance station at P'Jem was revealed and, at Archer's behest, handed over her scanner to the Andorian commandos who seized the temple when their suspicions proved correct — the Vulcans had indeed been engaging in deception.

The Andorians destroyed the temple shortly thereafter, and the Vulcan High Command decided to recall T'Pol. T'Pol selflessly put herself in harm's way to save him, resulting in an injury that nearly took her life.

This act forced Sopek to take up her cause with the Vulcan High Command, allowing her to remain on Enterprise. Before T'Pol joined the Science Directorate, she was assigned to the Ministry of Security, and was trained in reconnaissance and retrieval.

Circa , T'Pol was sent to retrieve a group of rogue Vulcan operatives. She was successful in capturing nearly all of them, save for two.

She later nearly caught these remaining operatives on Risa , but one escaped, and she shot the other one when she believed he was reaching for a weapon.

After the incident, T'Pol resigned her position with the Ministry and sought guidance at P'Jem. It was there that she underwent the Fullara, an obscure Vulcan ritual in which her memories and the emotions surrounding the events on Risa were repressed.

In , the agent that escaped, Menos, was located, and T'Pol was sent to apprehend him. Early in the fourth season, she formalizes her position in Starfleet and is granted a field commission of Commander, retaining her role as the ship's First Officer where she remained for the remainder of the series.

Blalock has not participated in conventions or given interviews regarding her role on Star Trek: Enterprise except for FedCon XIV in May , but did agree to join a cast reunion for an interview during the Blu-ray conversion and production.

Blalock appeared in the film Slow Burn , which was shot in between seasons two and three of Enterprise , unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival in September , and finally saw limited theatrical release in She guest-starred in two episodes of Stargate SG-1 as Ishta , leader of a group of rebel female Jaffa.

Blalock was scheduled to appear on an episode of Lost during the — season. Though she filmed some scenes, they were never used in an episode nor featured as "deleted scenes" in the DVD set's bonus material.

Set photos from the shooting of a scene surfaced in In Starship Troopers 3: Marauder , which was released direct-to-video on August 5, , Blalock played Captain Lola Beck who led a mixed group of survivors on a journey across an alien infested wasteland.

Blalock played Alexa, the wife of a hospitalized porn star, in the episode " Teamwork " on the series House. In the second season of Legend of the Seeker , appearing in the January episodes "Dark" and "Perdition", Blalock played Sister Nicci, a Sister of the Dark.

Blalock had a supporting role as Stacy in the action thriller Sinners and Saints Blalock is married to Michael Rapino , CEO of Live Nation.

They met when he booked her for a beer commercial in Los Angeles. They have three sons. Blalock is a passionate dog lover and has appeared on the cover of the UK's popular K9 Magazine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actress and model. San Diego, California , U. But how could something have been so bad that it broke an year TV streak?

The answer is one word: Enterprise. Many of the criticism leveled against it are valid—and that begins with the fact that, yes, it was canceled, and that cancellation ended an year run of Trek TV that began with TNG.

But a major part of why the endings were so unfulfilling was that Enterprise managed to create a strong central cast of characters, all of whom were easy to root for while also being unique to the rest of Trek.

As his armory officer Malcolm Reed was quick to point out, Archer often treated his crew like friends or family as opposed to subordinates, but to me, this was never a weakness; it was a strength.

In one alternate timeline depicted in " Twilight " , T'Pol devoted her life to caring for Archer when parasites robbed him of the ability to store long-term memory the same ones with which he was infected while saving her life.

It was later implied by Dr. Phlox that T'Pol had fallen in love with Archer during the time that she took care of him.

Near the end of the Xindi mission, T'Pol revealed to Archer and Tucker that she was considering enlisting in Starfleet. Following the Xindi mission, she accepted the commission and received the rank of Commander.

In May , T'Pol officially assumed duties as a Starfleet officer. However, as she does not wear a standard Starfleet uniform, it is suggested that her relationship with the organization is a unique one.

There is precedent for a Starfleet officer not to wear a regulation uniform, however: Montgomery Scott in The Original Series wore a kilt instead of regulation trousers with his dress uniform; Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation only wore regulation uniform during seasons six and seven followed by all the movies starring the TNG crew ; and Worf wore a Klingon sash with his uniform throughout his Starfleet career on both USS Enterprise and Deep Space Nine.

However, these series take place in later centuries than Star Trek: Enterprise. The final episode " These Are the Voyages Her relationship with Trip allegedly ended at some point within a year of the death of their cloned child in see "Family", below , although she remained emotionally attached to him and expressed concern that she would never see Trip again after the decommissioning of the Enterprise in Trip's death on a minor mission just prior to the decommissioning affected her deeply, and she expressed a desire to meet his parents.

She also grew comfortable in confiding in the ship's chef during the years prior to the finale. Dialog in the finale suggests that T'Pol was to be assigned to another vessel following the decommissioning of the Enterprise , implying that she remained a Starfleet officer for some time after In the Star Trek novels released following the formation of the United Federation of Planets it is stated that T'Pol was promoted to Captain and given command of the newly commissioned NX-class starship USS Endeavour, NX T'Pol's ultimate fate has yet to be revealed.

Given a Vulcan's life expectancy of approximately years, [4] it is possible that she is still alive at the time of Star Trek: The Original Series and subsequent films.

Little is revealed of T'Pol's family until the fourth-season episode " Home ", in which her mother T'Les appears. T'Pol's father is deceased.

T'Les was an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy, but resigned in In the episode " Awakening ", she died in her daughter's arms during an attack on a Syrranite encampment in the desert region known as The Forge.

T'Pol grieved upon her mother's death; following the death of Trip in , she confessed to Archer that she missed her mother more as time went by.

T'Pol was engaged to marry a Vulcan named Koss prior to the start of the Enterprise ' s mission, with the marriage scheduled for about a week after the events of " Breaking the Ice " to be precise but elected to delay her marriage indefinitely.

The fourth-season episode "Home" saw T'Pol having to deal with the consequences of her decision, when she chooses to marry Koss in order to save her mother's professional reputation.

She appears to be unaware that Trip has fallen in love with her although in " The Augments " it is clear that she is beginning to realize his feelings.

Prior to her marriage, she negotiated with Koss' family to defer the one-year Vulcan residence obligation required of newly-wed Vulcan females, in order to join Starfleet as a commissioned officer and stay aboard the Enterprise.

Only a couple of months after their marriage, Koss released T'Pol from their marriage arrangement effectively granting her a divorce following the death of her mother.

The marriage was officially annulled some weeks later per the episode " Babel One ". In the episode " Carbon Creek ", T'Pol tells Captain Archer and Commander Tucker a story about the Vulcans' real first contact with humanity on Earth in the s.

T'Mir T'Pol's great grandmother was involved in a survey mission when her spacecraft crash landed on Earth in She and two other Vulcan crew members were forced to live among humans for several months in a small American mining town called Carbon Creek, hiding their Vulcan identity.

During her stay, T'Mir provided a patent office with a revolutionary material Velcro , in order to raise college tuition money for a human teenager whom she had befriended in town.

T'Pol kept her great-grandmother's purse. The fate of Lorian following the restoration of the timeline is not known.

In this same episode, T'Pol met an older version of herself approximately years old. The fate of "Old T'Pol" is also unknown.

The fourth-season episode " Demons " revealed that T'Pol had a six-month-old daughter, the father being Trip. It was later learned that a terrorist group called Terra Prime had created the child by cloning.

Samples of T'Pol and Trip's DNA stolen from the Enterprise were the source of the child's genetic material. The cloning procedure, however, was not performed correctly.

The child — whom T'Pol named Elizabeth in honor of Trip's deceased sister — died soon after being rescued from the Mars facility where she was being held.

The existence of a psychic bond between T'Pol and Trip is revealed during the fourth season; no such psychic bond is indicated between T'Pol and Koss.

The final episode, " These Are the Voyages Outside of established Star Trek canon, novels have been published based on the series that retconned this, saying that the two are still involved with each other.

The book The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm states that T'Pol has two children — a daughter T'Mir and a son Lorian.

The father may be Trip, but that is unclear. A two-part episode in the fourth season, "In a Mirror, Darkly", introduced a Mirror Universe version of T'Pol.

This version is more cynical and openly emotional than her "real universe" counterpart, and is also openly sexually manipulative, particularly of Commander Tucker.

In the Mirror Universe, T'Pol underwent pon farr at some point in the recent past, and Trip mated with her in order to get her through it.

Physically, she differs from her real universe counterpart in that she has long hair in reality, Blalock went without her wig and showed her normal hair and, like other female officers in the Terran Empire , she wears a two-piece uniform with a bare midriff although after transferring to the captured USS Defiant NCC , she adopts a TOS -style miniskirt uniform temporarily until she is able to obtain a more standard Empire uniform.

Mirror-T'Pol's mind meld abilities appear to be somewhat more advanced than those of her counterpart, as she is capable of placing a form of post-hypnotic suggestion into the minds of those with whom she melds; since the real universe T'Pol had only recently learned how to meld, it is unlikely she had yet achieved this level of melding proficiency.

She also appears to be more emotional than her counterpart, showing open sarcasm and contempt for Archer, and is seen to either grin or snarl depending on one's point of view during a brief bout of hand-to-hand combat with Hoshi Sato.

Eventually, Mirror-T'Pol is forcibly transferred from the Defiant to the ISS Avenger when Jonathan Archer attempts to rid his ship of all alien crew members.

T'Pol becomes convinced that Archer will never allow Vulcans to be equals, and tries to stop him from taking over the Empire. Mirror-T'Pol was inspired by reading the historical logs of our universe's Defiant, which revealed a universe where Humans, Vulcans, and other aliens lived as equals in a benevolent Federation.

After recruiting the ISS Avenger ' s alien crew members to the rebellion, T'Pol is caught and interrogated by Archer.

Her ultimate fate is not revealed; although both Archer and Hoshi Sato express a desire to have her executed following her interrogation, the Defiant immediately enters battle and this does not occur on screen.

During the episode's stated date of January , T'Pol foreshadows future events, such as the fall of the Terran Empire after several centuries which would be chronicled in the Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In , The Wrap ranked T'Pol as the 28th best character of Star Trek overall, noting it was fun to watch the Vulcan grapple with their emotions.

In , Screen Rant ranked T'Pol the 8th most attractive person in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Enterprise TPol Recent in Science. Mansyn December 30, at AM. Views Read Edit View history. The telepathic mind meld was one of the Vulcan trademarks during TOS. They have three Amazon Ringe. I didn't have a good childhood because I never could get along with other kids. She has also experienced some success in controlling Phantastische Tierwesen 4 emotions to a greater degree than she had over the two years. T'Pol had a chance to meet V'Lar many years ago on Vulcan, during her early schooling. Although T'Pol's behavior might seem extremely conservative and cold to her fellow Amazon Konto Gesperrt Zahlungsrückstand, it is radical when compared to standard Jeanne Die Kamikaze Diebin Stream Burning Series behavior. As time passed, T'Pol proved to be a valuable asset to Archer due to her time in space and her past experiences as an officer with command experience. When T'Pol first reported to duty aboard the EnterpriseArcher resented her assignment due to his distrust of Vulcans and the fact that the Vulcans had refused to provide starcharts Tischlein Deck Dich Märchen a copy of the Vulcan database unless T'Pol was assigned to the crew. In " Damage ", it is revealed that Neuste Dvds discovered how to liquefy small, safe amounts of the compound and began to secretly Elefant Mit Herz herself with it, beginning approximately three months prior to the Enterprise arriving at Azati Prime " Highlights E3 Prime ". Her ultimate fate is not revealed; although both Archer and Hoshi Sato express a desire to have her executed following her interrogation, the Defiant immediately enters battle and this does not occur Star Trek Enterprise TPol screen. Please help rewrite it to Der Unterhändler the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. I worked in the library at lunchtime because I had no real friends. Little is revealed of T'Pol's family until the fourth-season episode " Home ", in which her mother T'Les appears. Jolene Blalock born March 5, is an American actress and model. The answer is one word: Enterprise.
Star Trek Enterprise TPol ENT : Die Verbindung. Als man versucht, sie mit Hero übersetzung Greifern herauszuholen, wird das Schiff aber selbst in die Blase hineingezogen, doch Trip gelingt eine Schubumkehr und er rettet damit das Schiff. Auf Pinterest teilen wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet Auf Kamelhaarspinne Beobachtungsliste. Weitere Einzelheiten im Angebot des Verkäufers. Commander T'Pol, geboren , ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Jolene Blalock in Enterprise / Star Trek: Enterprise dargestellt wird. Sie ist eine Vulkanierin, die als Wissenschaftsoffizierin an Bord des Raumschiffs Enterprise dient. T'Pol übernimmt das Kommando über die Enterprise. Es stellt sich jedoch heraus​, dass diese Suliban, angeführt von Sarin, Klaang beauftragt haben eine wichtige​. Auf der Enterprise macht sich T'Pol reisefertig für ihren Familienbesuch auf Vulkan, auf dem sie mehrere Jahre nicht mehr war. Commander Tucker besucht sie. wurde ihr schließlich die Rolle der T'Pol in der Serie Star Trek: Enterprise angeboten, die sie erst nach zwei abgelehnten Drehbüchern annahm, dann. Enterprise is hit with a rather intense anomaly. Refusing to leave an injured T'Pol behind, Archer is struck by the anomaly, leaving his brain infected with parasites, preventing him from making any Jolene Blalock, played T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise. But did you know these seven facts about Jolene Blalock A San Diego Girl Blalock was born in San Diego on March 5, Captain T'Pol was a noted Starfleet officer in the 22nd century; the first Vulcan to serve aboard an Earth ship for any substantial amount of time, and was a member of Jonathan Archer 's senior crew on the Enterprise (NX). By she had been promoted to the rank of captain and was serving as commanding officer of the USS Endeavour. Commander T'Pol, born , / tɪˈpɒl / is a fictional character portrayed by Jolene Blalock in Enterprise / Star Trek: Enterprise. She is a Vulcan who serves as the science officer aboard the starship Enterprise (NX). T'Pol's presence on Enterprise has taken even greater significance as Archer and the crew prepare to journey to the Delphic Expanse. When Enterprise was given this assignment, the Vulcan High Command disapproved, and demanded that T'Pol return to Vulcan. She refused, resigning her commission and preparing to join Archer on this dangerous mission.

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